mental testing

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any standardized procedure for measuring sensitivity or memory or intelligence or aptitude or personality etc

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Therefore, the British innovation of estimating 'premorbid' ability levels, by assessing the ability to read words that do not comply with normal phonological rules, stands as a major achievement in mental testing (Nelson, 1982; O'Carroll, 1995).
Those who administered the individual Stanford-Binet tests had special training in mental testing.
Over a third of patients (111/287, 39%) scored less than 7/10 on mental testing, indicating possible cognitive impairment.
Amalgamating the disease paradigm of syphilis and the metric paradigm undergirding mental testing, psychiatrists constructed "psychopathy" as a disease-like entity that only psychiatrists could measure.
[section] the cost and time required to develop and administer validated job-related physical and mental testing programs,
I focus here on what he has contributed specifically to those of us who trace the meaning of general intelligence (g) outward into the social realm--or, as he would say, "horizontally." Jensen has helped provide us a solid platform, one well represented by his books Bias in Mental Testing (1980) and The g Factor (1998), on which to erect a sociology of intelligence.
A recent random survey of 1,027 psychologists and educators involved in mental testing found, however, that about half attributed racial IQ differences to both genes and environment.