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(psychology) nervousness resulting from mental stress

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The group takes its name from the hotel in Holland where they held their first meeting in 1954 in a Europe still crippled by the physical, financial and mental strain of World Ward II.
But poverty was also internal and invisible, manifesting itself as mental strain.
Many find the physical and mental strain of caring has a huge impact, leaving them feeling isolated and without a place to go to seek help and advice.
Considering the mental strain this must have put him under, Moore deserves credit for using his experience to craft such a thoughtful and hilarious travelogue.
Secondly, during fasting, the body starts to release toxins quite rapidly, which may cause physical pressure and mental strain.
Contador's participation in the race was also shrouded in doubt and he is perhaps feeling the mental strain of next month's Court of Arbitration for Sport hearing into his positive drugs test at last year's Tour.
It would be too much of a mental strain to stay focused for the entire time.
It's a mental strain when you've been healthy your whole life.
Distress, which is defined as an "external and usually temporary cause of great physical or mental strain and stress," (3) can occur during especially intense or prolonged periods of stress.
Heidi Squier Kraft, a clinical psychologist, who discussed the mental strain of combat suffered by our returning warriors.
They said cousins marriages are the main cause of increasing cases of thalassaemia major in children which can be severely debilitating to the patient and may cause great financial and mental strain for the family.
Economics and psychology researchers found that promotion on average produces 10 per cent more mental strain and gives up to 20 per cent less time to visit the doctors.
BEIJING - A man who drove a truck into a crowd of schoolchildren in southern China, killing five people, was under mental strain and his family had a history of mental illness, state-run media reported Friday.
NUT Cymru's education officer Dr Heledd Hayes agreed that people's ability to cope with the mental strain of exams was important.
MICHAEL LAUDRUP reckons Thomas Gravesen must clear his mind before he can focus on football - and he wouldn't be the first player in Scotland to suffer from mental strain.