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Furthermore, these mental links carry no internal representational content or properties that specify the nature of the relationship between stimuli; they simply transmit contingent activation from one mental representation to another (see Figure 1).
Therefore, this meaning could be part of the mental representation of indicative and infinitive complements.
Schwoebel J, Coslett HB, Bradt J, Friedman R, Dileo C (2002) Pain and the body schema: effects of pain severity on mental representations of movement.
Afterwards they must be located on the line to help develop their mental representation.
That thought coincides with language is simply incompatible with the understanding of mental representations gained by cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists, not to mention common sense and introspection.
In other words, anecdotal "evidence" for chimpanzees' mental representations inherently relies on the assumption that representations of behaviors already occur--something which has yet to be proven, according to Povinelli and Vonk (2003).
For the present analyses, only participants who indicated that they used condoms as their contraceptive method with their present partner and who completed the mental representation scale for condom users (below) were included.
In object relations theory, the external world is known internally through the process of mental representation (St.
The last section of the book, "Structural Approaches," considers issues of mental representation and its relation to the object (music) being represented.
All three may well be false, but even if only one of them is, the choice between the two options for mental representation of two languages is invalidated.
Once she has made the association between Nathan and Dorcas, as she had done with Dessa, Rufel is able to accommodate another voice into her mental representation of Dorcas.
Proxpro has spearheaded a new wave of mobile situation-aware software (patent-pending) that helps people make the right decisions by gaining a mental representation of the objects, events, people, interactions and location-specific factors around them.
In addition to ruminations on thought and consciousness, chapters six through eight contain scattered arguments against (to name a few): Michael Tye on mental representation and phenomenality, Daniel Dennett's elimination of qualia, disjunctivist theories of perception, and leading contemporary accounts of intentionality (Ruth Millikan's, Jerry Fodor's and Fred Dretske's).
The study of Ohioans immediately before and after the 2012 presidential election showed that people's mental representation of Republican candidate Mitt Romney's face differed based on their political persuasion.
In discussions about the origin of psychology, contemporary views of computation, mental representation, consciousness, metaphysics of the mind, and group minds, Wilson asserts that the mind extends beyond the individual.
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