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The sort of mental reality I envision for propositions and concepts is a steady and permanent one; namely, they must constitute some sort of structure in longterm memory, a type of mental representation rather than a token, even though these representations would certainly be causally tokened in mental processes, belief fixation being the most general case.
Therefore, students' perception of teachers' support at the individual level is an indicator of the student's mental representation of the class, which varies a 76% and 66% for structure and for autonomy respectively, and at the group level (class mean) can be understood as teaching quality.
Based on the above conception, we use the term "story" as a uniform mental representation involving an episodic memory, an autobiographical memory, the contextual structure of a current situation, a prospective memory, a planned or imagined future, and a fictional or virtual story.
The generality of a mental representation in a thinker's mind derives from the generality of the state of affairs in the extra-mental world that it represents.
Improving performance goes hand in hand with improving mental representations; as one's performance improves, the representations become more detailed and effective, in turn making it possible to improve even more.
Instead, readers use all those details to outline a somehow simpler mental representation including the most relevant data, that is, only those traits that help them "picture" the character in their mind.
R is reflexive in that every sentence true purely in virtue of mental representation in a possible world is true purely in virtue of mental representation in that possible world.
The mental representation of hand movements after parietal cortex damage.
of Victoria) makes the point early that terms such as "meanings," "understanding," and "mental representation" are core concepts to Anglo-Saxon scholarship, and to dismiss them is to dilute the language, and augment it or make it more precise.
For instance, people's mental representation of 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney's face differed based on their political persuasion.
The word things" in things which are not" creates a mental representation of the proposition of concrete presence; the very mention of the situation which does not exist is enough to put into the mind of reader a different world where that situation is a reality " (Jeffries 2010:111).
The cognitive approaches to reference in narrative discourse (Duchan et al., 1995; Emmott, 1997; Rong, 2011; Sidner, 1983) followed in this study, suggest that the explicit mention of a referent in surrounding co-text is not the key to implicit subject identification, as the referent is not in the text, nor in an exophoric context, but in the cooperatively built mental representation of the state of affairs in speakers' and hearer's minds.
More specifically, a user's mental model of a computer system is their mental representation of that system, which guides their actions and helps them interpret the system's behavior (Young, 1981).
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