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For women, contrary to what was hypothesized, the main factor contributing to consistent condom use was the mental representation of condoms as indicating respect and responsibility toward one's partner and oneself and not the representation of condoms as protective devices.
For example, both object relations and attachment theories spell out the process of mental representation and its role in subjectivity or the subjective inner world.
In recent years, there has been a rapid growth in theory and research that has sought to develop understanding of the nature and significance of actors' mental representations of business competition (for reviews, see Hodgkinson 1997a, 2001a, 2001b; Lant and Phelps 1999).
It includes the mechanisms that allow us to manipulate mental representations including mental images (as discussed in the next paragraph).
Under different interpretations of the nature of language and its mental representation, the dichotomy between combined or distinc t representations for the two languages is overruled by a continuum of intermediate possibilities.
One explanation is that the separation makes construction of a single mental representation more difficult.
These cognitively relevant internal states are referred to as mental representations.
Every bit of newly created knowledge is nothing but a novel mental representation in thinkers' minds, (128) so every newly discovered property of a product or process generates a novel mental state.
The effect of attachment security priming, which involves activating the mental representation of security, on individuals with depression has attracted considerable research attention (Carnelley, Otway, & Rowe, 2015; Herd, 2015; Otway, 2013).
Hume's Unified Theory of Mental Representation, KARL SCHAFER
This ambiguity is complicated by Chomsky's use of person-level mental terms such as "knowledge" and "theory" to describe the mental representation of the language faculty itself.
The third section will focus on Schneider's (2001) reception theory of literary characters, and will expand on aspects such as the role of the spectator's prior knowledge in film comprehension, the dynamics of the reception process and the prominent position of the character's psychology within the mental representation of the situation.
Additionally, because of interest in the mental representation of movement without the aid of verbal mediation, movements were chosen that were thought not to be immediately identifiable with commonly used dance vocabulary.
T6--Adaptation to mental representation of static posture--test proposed by Massenz, Simonetta (2002)
Develops observation skills and mental representation, contributing to child development in a fun way.
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