mental quickness

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intelligence as revealed by an ability to give correct responses without delay

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Desirable Qualities stamina and mental quickness. Excellent organisational skills and with the ability to
Nadi, 1994, mental quickness is a must to compete in this sport It would appear that many people agree that mental quickness is required for an individual to succeed in fencing.
* Cognitive abilities: analytical skills, reasoning abilities, verbal and numeric skills, and mental quickness
Dr Fogel looked at 289 women, aged 70-79, without dementia and found that those who rated soaps as their favourite programmes performed more poorly on tests of memory, attention and mental quickness than did their peers who preferred other kinds of shows.
Every day, each person took a brief arithmetic test to assess mental quickness. In periodic meetings with researchers, participants also were asked to list in 60 seconds as many words as possible beginning with a given letter.
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