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As illustrating the peculiar mental processes of the country people, I remember that I asked one coloured man, who was about sixty years old, to tell me something of his history.
The form, beyond the hands and the face, had no part in her mental processes. A child of garmented civilization, the garment was to her the form.
We still had a big pay-day coming to us, and for thirty-seven days, without a drink to addle our mental processes, we incessantly planned the spending of our money.
As his speech became sharp and nervous, so did his mental processes. In the swift rush of the game he found less and less time to spend on being merely good-natured.
You who read may be well advanced in years, you may be gifted in rhetoric, ingenious in argument; but even you might quail at the thought of explaining the tortuous mental processes that led you into throwing your beloved pink parasol into Miranda Sawyer's well.
It crept into his brain and twined and twisted his mental processes until all that constituted him at that moment went out in love to that scrawled signature.
Kowal's research showed that cannabis users were less able to brainstorm, a mental process that is crucial for creative performance: 'There is a widespread belief among users that these drugs enhance creativity.
But the goalscorer in me preferred the second one because the mental process he went through to read Ross Barkley's header before anyone else showed exactly what great strikers are all about.
To the extent that providing a fingerprint to unlock a cellphone might require a mental process to unlock the phone, the police did not need to rely on that mental process here, Chutich wrote.
Further, this cognitive process consists of three major procedures: (1) Awareness of the mental process that the learner uses before learning; (2) Monitoring of the mental process that the learner uses during learning; and (3) Regulating the cognitive process that the learner uses after learning as she or he faces difficulties in learning (Beyer, 1987; Eggen & Kauchak, 1992; Gall, Gall, Jacobsen, & Bullock, 1990; Gagne & Driscoll, 1988; Haller, Child, & Walberg, 1988; Li, 1992; Peirce, 2003; Scarr & Zanden, 1984; Wham, 1987).
1 READING is an active mental process. Unlike TV, books make you use your brain.
Using his spring 2003 Charles Beebe Martin Classical Lectures at Oberlin College as a foundation, Nagy illustrates the mental process of metonymy with examples in many genres and media of art from ancient Greece to the present.
While discrimination is not the most ethical option, I do appreciate the efficiency of the mental process: separate the wheat from the chaff.
Chapters detail the theory and mental process of reading comprehension, how to select texts, the context and basics of instruction, assessment techniques, and planning and teaching in the context of the three frameworks.
Reading is an active mental process, forcing the reader to think and analyse for himself.
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