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the craniometric point that is the most forward-projecting point on the anterior surface of the chin

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"The game against Juventus was hard - very hard by the physical and mental point of view.
"I think they saw today we tried everything, and we came back and from the mental point of view it's a very important three points."
Repeating words or phrases to change one's mental point of view is called affirmation.
"But I know there are definitely things I need to regain from an emotional and mental point of view."
"From a mental point of view, it's great," he said.
"It is always difficult when you come back from injury but I thought, from a mental point of view, it was really good," he said.
"The mental point of view is different because a final is always a different game.
"That tournament [Indian Wells ATP Masters] win is very special for me from a mental point of view, because I struggled throughout the whole tournament, did not play on a very high level, had to fight back in many matches from set down," Djokovic said.
(31) Additionally, the person does not feel alone and this is positive from the mental point of view, given that it permits him or her to seek ways to cope with the difficult situation experienced.
Ozil, Luka and Kaka both behind Higuain was a new problem that they couldn't solve with ten men, so we deserve credit for that and after the two goals, I know about Old Trafford, I know what is Sir Alex Ferguson as a leader what he can do to his team by the mental point of view, so I could guess that by the end of the match would be what we had".
"For them to know they now have to bat out a day can sometimes be quite tough, from a mental point of view.
From a mental point of view, children or adolescents who have only sports as the entire focus of their lives are not well rounded.