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Each part at each level in a story structure has the power of generating one's own structure in the relationship with other mental objects. The story's whole structure emerges from distributed collaborative functioning of the parts (see Figure 8a).
It is a mental object which only comes into existence in the act of being chosen ...
Mental object rotation and egocentric body transformation: two dissociable processes?
As I argue below, when these two separations join together in Barrie's work, they form a practical theory of text as mental object. Returning to the series of connections constructed through Peter's name: the raised letters (PP) establish the relation between the penis, children, and feces, which are all imagined to be internal objects.
In the case of culture, for example, the codemaker is the human mind, since it is the mind that produces the mental objects that we call signs and meanings and the conventions that link them together.
Psychological_feature contains both mental objects (Cognition) (9) and events (Feeling_1).
Moreover, on the syntagmatic axis, all the instances of these two OE predicates found in the corpus show the following complementation patterns, characterized by the presence of a subject [+Agent] in the nominative case and a subordinate clause (completive or interrogative) as mental object:
The basic distinction between these two types of causal theory is familiar enough: for the representationalist, ordinary perception is mediated by some mental object such that we see objects in virtue of our perception of the mental object.
Papers in Volume 2 include: (1) "Negation in Mathematics: Obstacles Emerging from an Exploratory Study" (Samuele Antonini); (2) "From the Decimal Number as a Measure to the Decimal Number as a Mental Object" (Cinzia Bonotto); (3) "The Concept of Parameter in a Computer Algebra Environment" (Paul Drijvers); and (4) "Australian and US Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of the Gender Stereotyping of Mathematics" (Helen J.
This essay defends the view that pain is a feeling, and thus that token pains are instances of feeling (rather than mental objects of feeling), against a number of objections.
At this stage it would be appropriate to consider briefly the moment-by-moment mindfulness, which is the Four Foundations of Mindfulness (catu stipatthana): Mindfulness of the body (kayanu passana), the sensations (vedananu passana), the mind (cittanu passana) and mental objects (dhammanu passana).
proofs [and] meaningful propositions)," where "reflection upon the meanings" of "propositions about these mental objects" is needed for their proofs (287-88).
"Information is thus wedded to writing insofar as writing gives stability to the mental objects abstracted from the flow of experience, such that one can access them readily and repeatedly" (30).