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a language user's knowledge of words

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Such approaches do not give researchers insight into how lexical items are understood in relation to other items in the mental lexicon.
adjectives such as red, green, and blue) in our mental lexicon, whereas evidence suggests that words belonging to different words classes are more loosely tied (cf.
Another implication is that a compound's semantic transparency is not a simple function of the similarity between the constituents and the compound, which suggests that transparency cannot be easily represented in terms of the presence or absence of links between a constituent representation and a compound representation in the Mental Lexicon.
1) Para conocer las ultimas investigaciones en este ambito, vease la revista The Mental Lexicon editada por Gonia Jarema y Gary Lib desde 2006 ((c)John Benjamins Publishing Co.
The study examines the proposition that interlingual lexical errors appear due to the special organization of the learners' mental lexicon, which is characterized by the interrelatedness of L1 and L2 lexical and by links established between the conceptual-semantic representation, the mother tongue and the The findings indicate that L2 conceptual and semantic representations are connected first language, and throw light on the lack, incompleteness or incorrectness of knowledge regarding semantic between translation equivalent lexical items.
In this light, this essay presents solutions to make ESL learners in or from China aware of the word knowledge such as semantic relations in their mental lexicon.
This article presents the empirical and theoretical explanation of two variables, frequency and pseudofixation used in the study of morphological organization of mental lexicon in in psycholinguistic investigation.
This paper presents a priming experiment designed with the aim of throwing light on the representation of Polish compound words in the mental lexicon.
Since defining a verb means locating it in semantic space, the resulting hierarchical ordering into lexical domains and subdomains implies a reliable reconstruction of the mental lexicon of the Anglo-Saxons.
The general picture of the mental lexicon so far is one in wich there are a variety of links between words, some strong, some weak.
The "patterns-in-the-lexicon" approach assumes that surface phonological forms are governed by patterns in the mental lexicon and by analogies to these patterns.
This finding suggests that script analysis of jokes in conjunction with appreciation study may reveal differences in the mental lexicon, shedding some light on communication issues between the sexes.
A lexical slip like 'you keep new born chicks warm in an incinerator' might signal how humans remember and retrieve the thousands of words in the mental lexicon.