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Ahlam wrote on Instagram, "News that I have cases of pulling my hair and banging my head while crying and as a result being admitted into a mental institutions as the result of tremendous success and love by fans for the daughter of the Gulf.
Tyler had been committed to a mental institution for one month in 1986, following emotional issues stemming from a divorce.
51) It was also unclear to many federal and state courts as well as health providers what Congress meant by the terms "adjudicated as a mental defective" and "committed to any mental institution.
It conflicts with an earlier examination that diagnosed Breivik as psychotic and prompted prosecutors to say he should be committed to a mental institution instead of prison if convicted.
This new edition contains material on Schumann's last years in a mental institution, based on newly accessible archive material.
Ahmed has been admitted to a mental institution and was being examined by a number of doctors who are expected to report their findings to the court.
ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, FILM4, 9pm Milos Forman's five-Oscar-winning classic drama stars Jack Nicholson as R P McMurphy, a troublemaking convict sent to a mental institution.
He plays a dedicated doctor who suspects the new director of the mental institution where he works is an imposter and an amnesiac with a tendency to kill.
Bill's mother decided to send him to Fairmount, Minnesota, to a Mental Institution, back then called an Institution for Idiots and Imbasols.
When she breaks down, she fines herself in a mental institution which has gained the charming nickname of 'Oakhell'.
People can voluntarily admit themselves into a mental institution, saying they cannot function properly within their community, El-Sayyed said.
Zack's fine with living in a mental institution, where his odd allergies can be properly cared for.
There is no better way to do that than ensure justice is carried out and this killer is arrested and sent back to the mental institution from where he fled.
On December 6, 2006, Andrei Novikov, a journalist with Chechenpress and a former Soviet dissident, was sent to a mental institution because of his critical reporting, described as "publicly inciting constitutional change by means of force.
Ventura County residents lobbied three decades for a four-year public university and seized the opportunity when what had once been the nation's largest mental institution closed in 1997.