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COLDITZ CASTLE WAS ONCE THE PRESERVE of the Electors of Saxony; then it became a mental home before being used as a prison camp in the Second World War.
Gradually, the audience becomes aware that these people are inmates in a mental home.
But Kyle MacLachlan's studied but hollow performance doesn't draw us into the character's damaged mind; his recital of the crucial act-two monologue in which Aston describes his cruel treatment in a mental home, and the flight from human contact that followed, feels more vacant than it should.
Ilona suffers from microcephaly--her physical and mental growth are stunted; while still a child she has to go into a mental home.
Beatle George and his wife Olivia have been shocked by reports that crazed knifeman Michael Abram enjoys half-hour walks in the village near the mental home where he is caged.
Although Sadler is considered so mentally unstable he has been moved to a mental home since the court case, the judge said the appeal had to be looked at "on its merits".
The Northborough Sonnets are so named because they were written in the troubled years John Clare spent at Northborough between 1832 and 1837, by which time he had fallen into pitiful mental disrepair and agreed to have enlightened treatment by a Doctor Matthew Allen in his private mental home in Essex.
Trevor got the sack the same day he was allocated a place in the mental home.
are The Contractor (1969), Home (1970), about the alienation and emptiness of life in a mental home, The Changing Room (1971), Mother's Day (1976), Early Days (1977; U.
In the play, inmates at a mental home act out their own play.
Narrative, poetry and music interweaved in this tale of Gurney's sad life, from idiosyncratic music-student through gassed Great War soldier to lingering death in a mental home, painfully exiled from his beloved Cotswolds and Malverns.
Within a decade, war and illness had killed five of the men GEORGE Gassed in trenches JAMES Killed by tuberculosis ADAM Gunned down at Ancre ANDREW Judged too ill to serve ELIZABETHDied in mental home LEAVE THE ZPAST BEHIND Surviving sons George and Robert arrive in Australia with mum Elizabeth
He was indefinitely detained in a mental home for the protection of the public by Leeds Crown Court.
A MAN accused of hacking Irish psychologist Kathryn Faughey to death with a meat cleaver went on a terrifying naked rampage at the mental home where he is caged.
It's intensified by words like straight-jacket, the word sectioning and mental home.
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