mental anguish

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sustained dull painful emotion

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This state of mental anguish is, however, less terrible than the sufferings that precede or the punishment that possibly will follow.
My firm conviction is that, independent of the mental anguish it occasions - an anguish so acute and so tremendous, that all imagination of it must fall far short of the reality - it wears the mind into a morbid state, which renders it unfit for the rough contact and busy action of the world.
The opinion stated that, under Etihad's argument, a plaintiff seeking damages for mental anguish would have to prove that an accident "caused bodily injury, which in turn caused the mental anguish.
It is easy to buy sulphuric acid, so tightening up the sale of it may spare some victims from the scarring, mental anguish and, occasionally, blindness inflicted by these assailants.
Hamid Ghassemi, Tyler Ashpaugh, Daniel Richter and Skyler Williams are liable for the torture and unspeakable mental anguish perpetrated upon Taherah Ghassemi by her subsequent violent kidnap and murder," the suit alleges.
The US Court of Appeals found Marcos responsible for the crime and, on May 1, 1991, ordered her to pay Trajano's relatives $236,000 for the victim's lost earnings; $175,000 for the physical suffering, mental anguish, fright, bodily injury and wrongful death; $1,250,000 for the mother's loss of comfort and support and mental anguish; and $246,966.
He demanded compensation from the man in the form of TL 2,000 for plastic surgery and TL 20,000 for mental anguish.
5 million, in addition to PS500,000 for loss of earnings, unfair career damage, public humiliation, stress and mental anguish.
It's left us with so much physical pain and mental anguish, but here's where Snoop Lion comes in.
The woman, in her 40s, 'suffered great mental anguish as she thought she might be killed,' he added.
Swanson spoke exclusively to Record Sport last week to reveal the mental anguish that caused him to spend time in the Priory health clinic receiving treatment for depression and anxiety.
But Mr Llwyd said he was pleased with the new wording which recognised the mental anguish stalking can cause.
Seemingly freed from the personal mental anguish that has troubled him in recent months, he chalked up his third win this year - the same as team-mate Jenson Button.
Infestations have given rise to allegations claiming bodily injury, property damage and mental anguish.
From the depression suffered by Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath to the mental anguish and addictions of iconic beauties Zelda Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe.