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the level of intellectual development as measured by an intelligence test

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The study constituted of 42 children, 14 with Down Syndrome (Experimental Group--EG), of both genders and chronological age between 36 and 62 months; 14 children with typical development, paired by gender and mental age with the experimental group (Comparative Group 1--CG1), with chronological age between 13 and 50 months; and 14 with typical development, paired by gender and chronological age with the experimental group (Comparative Group 2--CG2).
(282) Furthermore, although expert witnesses differed regarding Hall's precise "mental age," all of them diagnosed him with a mental age below a fourteen-year-old.
A quarter of the reports that commented on the victims' mental age found that they had a mental age of between 6 and 8 years (25.0%) (Table 4).
Autism, neurological disorders and learning disabilities in children suppress the mental age of an individual while the body keeps growing.
"James has the mental age of an 18-month-old child and a number of other health problems."
Mr Howells, who has learning difficulties and has the mental age of a seven-year-old, was last seen by his parents before he went to bed at midnight.
What he said was: 'I feel about towns and cities, they're just like human beings, they have a mental age of their own.
Set in 1986, it shows how Harry and Lloyd - who have the combined mental age of a carrot - become best friends at high school.
It's not easy to be separated from him--he has a mental age of 2 1/2 and a seizure disorder--so when it was time for our annual vacation at Disney World, I was looking forward to three days of uninterrupted hugs and kisses.
Downing, aged 44, who was 17 at the time, but had the mental age of an 11-year-old, found Ms Sewell's bloody body in the graveyard where he worked.
This paper, extending previous research showing that the acquisition of a ToM is not correlated with chronological age (mental age held constant) but only with mental age, uses a LISREL model to evidence that there is no specific group factor between tasks related to ToM, whose covariance is totally explained by a general intelligence factor.
It represents the ratio of the mental age to the chronological age, with 100 considered average.
Despite his absence from the series, Mayall continues to loom large, as Dan spends much of this run attempting to step from out of his dad's shadow and finally grow up - a task which is far easier said than done for a fortysomething with the mental age younger than that of the children he teaches.
A BOY left with a mental age of six after suffering brain damage at Walsall Hospital has won PS13 MILLION in damages.
The woman, who is 39 but has a mental age of between four and seven, one of two wives in an Islamic marriage to a Bangladeshi husband.