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Synonyms for mensurate

determine the measurements of something or somebody, take measurements of

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6) In the Pomerium in arte musice mensurate (between 1317 and 1319), dedicated to Robert, Marchetto set out the principles of an indigenous Italian system of rhythmic notation that differed in essential respects from Johannes's system and that flourished in Italy for a hundred years before its displacement by the more versatile French system.
Now I--even I--would celebrate In rhymes inept the great Immortal Syracusen rivalled nevermore, Who by his wondrous lore, Untold us before, Made the way straight How to circles mensurate.
Advanced processing algorithms can provide the data to mensurate the objects and provide video-loop fly- or walk-throughs of the objects and terrain, thereby enabling a more accurate assessment of the impact of physical features (especially in an urban environment) on mission planning.
The difficulty with his exposition is that he fails to clarify at the outset that ductia (both vocal and instrumental), although as monophony they belong to the category of musica simplex, are also precise mensurate and from this point of view belong to the category of musica mensurata.
The product includes electronic light table functionality based on the ELT 5500 technology developed by Intergraph's partner, Paragon Imaging, to chip, enhance and mensurate in the related imagery.