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having notes of fixed rhythmic value

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Manuscripts are not entirely consistent as to whether or not they restate signatures at successive sections; to absolve [half note] from always signifying mensural change in relation to [whole note] inevitably increases the number of restatements that are mensurally redundant.
The precise notation of accidentals in lute tablature shows that, while Le Roy is not altogether consistent, he uses more melodic subsemitones at cadences and half cadences than did Goudimel, whose mensurally notated partbooks are in any case less explicit, depending on the singers' preferences in applying accidentals in a more or less traditional manner according to the rules of musica ficta.
Mensurally, this notation seems groundless, since the sign c indicates a tactus divided into two minims (half notes), and Landi's measures contain four of them.
I hope to show that the notation of mensurally notated monophonic chants, especially metrical hymns, has a bearing on the tempo of performance, which in turn relates directly to the matching of these tempos with those of polyphony based on those chants and written for the sole purpose of alternating with them.
mensurally, against the tenor, another discanting voice, or both, organum does not mean an organal voice; (2) the tenor could not have been referred to as alius, since Garlandia designates it as primus cantus, a term embedded in a long and continuing tradition - e.