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having notes of fixed rhythmic value

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Mensural data indicate that Arremon kuehnerii is closely similar to other Mexican species.
Burling (1965: 259-260) and Greenberg (1972) were probably the first to view individualization as the prime cognitive function of sortal and also mensural classifiers in East Asian and Southeast Asian languages.
hippos have identical or broadly overlapping mensural and meristic values (Tables 2-4), although C.
But neither mensural nor keyboard conversions can be painless.
Zmena morfometrickych znakov dunajskeho kapra pocas rastu v rybnicnom chove (Change of mensural characters of the Danube common carp during growth in pond culture).
Here several black-and-white illustrations help to bring the medieval work to life, assisting readers in familiarizing themselves with the Gothic, mensural, and neumatic notations used in the songs of ms.
There are even some didactic touches, such as the unusual frequency of written accidentals and demonstrations of the workings of the mensural system, and of series of arithmetically indicated musical proportions.
For example, the combination of structural features and mensural traits which here allow Dr Clinton to propose regional variants of souterrain and, most illustratively, consider these within the context of the geographical disposition of the early historical political groupings.
The penultimate paragraph of 'The Bowmen of Shu" quotes the Blast memorial to Gaudier-Brzeska, "Mort pour la patrie," but omits its celebration of his military feats and adds the mensural eloquence of "4 Octobre 1891-5 Juin 1915" (20; 158).
At this time the educated and thoughtful students and professors at Prague university "took up" the Paris tradition, as is shown not just by Vaclav of Prachatice's commentary, but also by a versified treatise on mensural notation that was compiled for Prague students as early as 1369 and was evidently one of the oldest treatments of French mensural theory in Central Europe.
Table 1 shows the standard statistics of the 11 mensural characters examined.
This volume is considered an act of editorial pioneering in a time without much experience in editing music in mensural notation.
Later polyphonic fragments have recently been found: two polyphonic fragments of part books: the tenor and bass books come from the seventeenth century in white mensural notation.
Mensural characteristics (mean [+ or -] SD, [n], range) for wing chord, tail, exposed culmen, tarsus, and mass for 674 adult specimens of Loggerhead Kingbird (Tyrannus caudifasciatus).
Allan 1977; Aikhenvald 2000; also see Lucy 2000 and Senft 2000b for a critical discussion of nominal classification systems and misconceptions associated with terms such as sortal and mensural classifiers).