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having notes of fixed rhythmic value

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Only one portion of A Briefe Discourse is considered to be wholly Ravenscroft's--the middle section, where citations were limited and the content revolved around the author's perceived misuse of one aspect of the mensural notation system, that of perfect prolation.
19) Todo indica que los cantantes de hoy estan mejor preparados que aquellos musicos novohispanos que habian olvidado los rudimentos de la notacion mensural, y quiza quieran, en un futuro inmediato, contar con reproducciones a mano de toda esta musica descubierta.
Kovac V, Copp GH, Francis MP (1999) Morphometry of the stone loach Barbatula barbatula: do mensural characters reflect the species' life history thresholds?
Mensural data were analysed with the Minitab 15 statistical software program.
Therefore, Mullally argues that although it was not originally written in mensural notation, music for the carole should be played in 6/8 time (83).
From here the mensural moisture of granulate can be expressed [u.
The disjunct nature of the distribution of the Bolivian Punomys relative to those of its congeners in Peru, coupled with the mensural and morphological differences identified on this unique specimen are suggestive of specieslevel distinction given the same magnitude of difference among characters between P.
In Kam and related languages there are basically two types of verb classifiers: sortal and mensural.
head" in 'ten head of cattle," mensural classifiers as in "two mugs of beer," and repeaters such as the Japanese hito-hako (literally, "box one-box").
Best skeletal characters for generic separation were shape of the caudal basibranchial and a combination (PCA) of mensural characters.
hippos have identical or broadly overlapping mensural and meristic values (Tables 2-4), although C.
But neither mensural nor keyboard conversions can be painless.
Zmena morfometrickych znakov dunajskeho kapra pocas rastu v rybnicnom chove (Change of mensural characters of the Danube common carp during growth in pond culture).
Este sistema se diferencia de la tradicional escritura mensural, (2) porque indica de manera precisa la posicion que los dedos deben asumir sobre las cuerdas del instrumento.