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undergo menstruation


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Another journalist, named Gharidah Farooqi, expressed her anger and said, "Against our traditions & culture" Oh well, coz women don't menstruate here.
They can't menstruate, especially when they have a severe defect where they don't have an opening," he said.
The analysis of more than 3,400 Norplant users from 11 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America has shown that users who menstruate for more than a week, bleed for more than a week between menstrual periods, or bleed excessively during menstruation are up to two times more likely than other women to stop using the contraceptive early because of menstrual problems.
girls start to menstruate before 11 years old, and 90% have begun by 13.
The ovum has a short life, perhaps 6-12 hours, certainly less than 24 hours, if it is not fertilized, and then the woman will always menstruate about two weeks later.
Women who no longer menstruate should examine their breasts at the same time each month.
the start of puberty; gifts begin to menstruate, boys' sex glands begin to function actively
Dr Hardie and her team monitored women who believed they had PMS and found their health and work suffered irrespective of whether they were about to menstruate.
It's reasonable for premenopausal women to take a supplement with iron, though, because they lose a little each time they menstruate.
If you have questions about menstruation, serious cramps, or if you don't menstruate by age 14, see a gynecologist - a doctor who specializes in the female reproductive system.
If you are a woman who has stopped menstruating regularly, note you don't have to "get fat" in order to menstruate regularly.
Some women are uniquely susceptible to worsening of the disease just before they menstruate because of a difference in the way hormone fluxes influence the way they metabolize medicine given to them to prevent an attack.
Girls who consume a lot of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) may menstruate earlier.