menstrual flow

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flow of blood from the uterus

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If menstrual discharge is impure then all other discharges from human body are also impure to people as well as to temple environment.
As such, the project looked into themes ranging from the cosmic (quantum physics; string theory) to the visceral; from the bodily (brain, vagina, menstrual discharge) to the strictly religious (Christian, Pre-Christian, and Saturnalia rituals).
* Hypomenorrhoea: Light/scanty menstrual discharge.
When one can rule out menstrual discharge, and there are large numbers of red blood cells present, a pathological condition exists.
Ellen AB (Angelholm, Sweden) has patented isolated strains of lactic acid producing bacteria of the genera Lactobacillus and Pediococcus, and a method for isolation of such bacterial strains, having the ability to colonise and become established in a human vagina, even during menstrual discharge. Furthermore, a composition comprising the bacterial strains and a sanitary article comprising the bacterial strains, such as a tampon, for prophylaxis and/or treatment of infections of the urogenital tract, are described.
In short, panty liners are sanitary napkins which are thinner and narrow that absorb menstrual discharge and daily vaginal discharge.