menstrual cycle

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a recurring cycle (beginning at menarche and ending at menopause) in which the endometrial lining of the uterus prepares for pregnancy

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Changes in pure-tone thresholds and temporary threshold shifts as a function of menstrual cycle and oral contraception.
The effects of oral contraceptive use on muscle stiffness across the menstrual cycle. Clin J Sport Med.
Your body may produce too much or not enough estrogen or progesterone--known as reproductive hormones--necessary to keep your menstrual cycle regular.
At median follow-up of 6.6 years, neither disease-free survival (DFS) nor overall survival (OS) was related to surgery with respect to menstrual cycle, even in data analyses that accounted for nodal disease, hormone receptor status and adjuvant radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
"As a result the lining of the womb may be more hostile to an early pregnancy, and the cells that are shed at this late stage in the menstrual cycle may be more aggressive and more able to survive and implant outside the uterus, causing pain in the pelvic or abdomen area."
Hitchcock further states that "it is important to note that cycle-stopping contraceptives do not only reduce or eliminate menstrual bleeding, but also suppress the complex hormonal interplay of the menstrual cycle. The impacts of this cycle on women's health are not completely understood.
The odds ratio of a migraine was 1.91--nearly a doubling of risk--in a 4-day window beginning 2 days prior to and ending 2 days after day 1 of the menstrual cycle, compared with any other time of the month.
[USA], Aug 31 (ANI): The air your teenage daughter breathes may be causing irregular menstrual cycles, say researchers as negative health effects from air pollution exposure include infertility, metabolic syndrome and polycystic ovary syndrome.
"Traditionally studies have concentrated on women who have approximately 28 day cycles and these studies have formed our understanding of the menstrual cycle.
Workshop designed for mothers and their daughters over 11 years old to facilitate dialogue about the menstrual cycle. September 2.
The present study was taken up to study the aged related variations in total leucocyte, granulocyte and agranulocyte count during different phases of menstrual cycle in 1st professional MBBS students at Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical sciences (JNIMS), Imphal, Manipur.
The menstrual cycle, specified by fluctuations in female sex hormones, is a fundamental physiological element that continuously influences homeostatic mechanisms in reproductive women.
It is not uncommon for the girl to have many questions and concerns related to menstrual cycle. Menstrual hygiene management is an important issue for adolescent girls as they do not have experience.
They understand the basic facts linked to the menstrual cycle and how to manage it with dignity and without discomfort and fear."