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flow of blood from the uterus

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To assess symptoms of CHIKV infections, researchers questioned the participants regarding current symptoms, symptoms that occurred since the time of their last menorrhea, or symptoms they recalled from a recent confirmed or suspected CHIKV infection.
A total of 154 of the 1,244 pregnant women (12.4%) were positive for IgG against CHIKV, and 116 of them (75.3%) had reported a history of symptoms of CHIKV infection since their last menorrhea. The highest rates of IgG against CHIKV (Mananjary 44.6%, Manakara 22.7%) and IgM against DENV (Mananjary 17.4%, Manakara 10.8%) were found in the 2 coastal cities (Figure 1; Table 1).
Delayed menarche may be caused by chronic illness; cryptomenorrhea (symptoms of menorrhea occur without any external bleeding, as in cases of imperforate hymen); and polycystic ovary syndrome, among other endocrine problems.
So oligomenorrhea, hypo menorrhea and polymenorrhea are the alarming pattern of menstrual irregularities for early detection of polycystic ovarian syndrome in adolescent age group.