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the time in a woman's life in which the menstrual cycle ends

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Male menopause has raised controversies, and the argument has always been that men do not menstruate, so how do they experience menopause.
Early menopause is defined as naturally ceasing to have periods before the age of 45.
Washington DC [USA], October 26 ( ANI ): A recent study has warned that females who are underweight in their teenage years or mid 30s are likely to have early menopause.
Those who began menopause before 40 were nearly four times more likely to be diagnosed with the disease compared to women who were menopausal after 55.
This year the theme was Healthy heart Matters Pakistan menopause society in collaboration with Bayer Health care held a program to highlight problems associated menopause, President of the society Prof.
Three of Britain's best-loved stars - Casualty's Rebecca Wheatley, EastEnders' Cheryl Fergison and original girl power group legend Linda Nolan - are now starring in Menopause The Musical, which comes to Coventry's Belgrade Theatre from April 21-23.
who played amy BBC had to be "It ide"There was a time when women believed that with the arrival of the menopause their attractiveness departed and sex was a thing of the past.
The results, which come just ahead of new NICE guidance on menopause due in November, pressing for better support and information on menopause treatment, show that menopause can have a significant impact on daily life, and yet 85% of women say they are avoiding hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
Most of the participants defined menopause as loss of fecundity increased weight and loss of beauty.
Women who experience menopause around the age of 40 are at risk for earlier cognitive decline than women who go through menopause after age 50.
Objectives: To determine the knowledge, attitude and experiences of post-menopausal women towards menopause.
Early menopause and risk of osteoporosis, fracture and mortality: a 34-year prospective observational study in 390 women.
Menopause signifies that a woman has reached the end of her reproductive years and occurs when the ovaries stop making eggs.