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the time in a woman's life in which the menstrual cycle ends

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In a trend that did not reach statistical significance, though, women who were further away from menopause reported numerically smaller improvements in dyspareunia, compared with baseline values, said David F.
Menopause has now become a predominant subject of study as the life expectancy is globally on an increase due to the provision of better nutrition and advancement of health-care systems, [9] which has led to a rise in the geriatric population including postmenopausal females.
The average age for the start of the menopause is 51 but we now know thousands of women lose their oestrogen much earlier than that, as early as 40 when their ovaries begin to shut down.
While menopause itself is not a risk for breast or other cancers, it's important to know that some symptom treatments and other factors can increase the risk for cancer among menopausal women.
The medical community is debating whether or not men really do go through a well-defined menopause. Doctors say that men receiving hormone therapy with testosterone have reported relief of some of the symptoms associated with so-called male menopause.
Mingfei Zhao, M.P.H., from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and colleagues examined the correlation between physical activity and the occurrence of early natural menopause in the Nurses' Health Study II.
"The menopause experience is not simply something to survive ...
Before menopause, women are protected by estrogen, the female reproductive hormone.
Data including the patient demographics (age, height, weight, BMI, marital status, occupation, food habit, substance abuse, and literacy background), allergy status, past medical history, obstetric, and gynecologic history (age at menarche, regularity of periods, nature of delivery, age at delivery, and age at menopause) were obtained by patient medical history interview and from medical records of the patients for both the groups.
Entering menopause at a later age is associated with a small benefit to your memory years later.
Dietary intake and age at natural menopause: results from the UK Women's Cohort Study.
Stirling's first menopause cafe proved such a success that a second has been organised.
Menopause is a natural biological process characterized by an array of symptoms.
In the Summer 2019 issue of The Menopause Exchange newsletter, Dr Kathryn Clement, consultant in Newcastle upon Tyne, discusses whether this study means that all women should be using non-oral HRT.
From the palaver of periods to the potential misery of the menopause I've always thought the female body has a few major design faults.