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Synonyms for meniscus

(anatomy) a disk of cartilage that serves as a cushion between the ends of bones that meet at a joint

(optics) a lens that is concave on one side and convex on the other

(physics) the curved upper surface of a nonturbulent liquid in a vertical tube

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The meniscus is a piece of cartilage that between your femur (thigh bone) and there are two menisci on the inside and joint and they help to distribute the weight Birmingham consultant knee surgeon Jamie can injure the menisci by bending and of a damaged meniscus include pain, inability to straighten the knee.
The basic science of human knee menisci: structure, composition, and function.
In adults, the morphology of the tibia differs from that of the femur; therefore, the morphologies of the lateral and medial menisci (MM) are also expected to differ (4).
Patients who had previously undergone arthroscopy were excluded, because arthroscopic repair caused distortion of the normal anatomy of the menisci and ligaments which cannot be attributed to trauma.
Menisci, especially the internal structures are well anchored around (the femur, tibia and patella, croce ligaments, capsule, internal lateral ligament etc).
Discoid meniscus, one of the most common anatomic variations of the meniscus, was first described in cadavers by Young in 1889.[sup][1] Discoid lateral meniscus is more common, with a prevalence ranging from 0.4% to 17.0%,[sup][2] compared to 0.06–0.30% for medial menisci.[sup][3] It was reported that the incidence of tear or degeneration of discoid menisci was twice as high as normal menisci.[sup][4],[5] However, there is still no sufficient evidence explaining the predisposition to tear of discoid menisci.
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It was found that fusion of menisci is responsible for the strong attraction of absorbed colloids [13].
These are called menisci. They are tough and rubbery to help cushion the joint and keep it stable.
The menisci (plural) also provide some stability within the knee, acting like bumpers.
Ogden, "Development of the menisci of the human knee joint.
Several free-surface profiles of extended menisci of evaporating one centistoke silicon oil were experimentally measured and plotted, as shown in Fig.