spina bifida

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a not uncommon congenital defect in which a vertebra is malformed

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Most common anomalies that led to second trimester termination of pregnancy in our study were hydrops (21%), anencephaly (18%), other neural tube defects (14%) and meningomyelocele (10%).
11 Lower urinary tract (2016) [5] symptoms with meningomyelocele and placement of VP shunt Tuglu et al.
Aufricht, "Renal function in meningomyelocele: Risk factors, chronic renal failure, renal replacement therapy and transplantation," Current Opinion in Urology, vol.
The most common system involved was CNS 89 (23.99%), with meningomyelocele and hydrocephalus making 60 (69.77%) and 21 (23.60%) of the CNS anomalies, respectively.
The differential diagnosis of retroperitoneal cystic masses includes arachnoid cyst, anterior sacral meningomyelocele (ASM), schwannoma, teratoma, hamartoma, neuroenteric cyst, adrenal cyst, or primary mucinous cystic tumor of the retroperitoneum (1).
Failure to close at the specified time during embryogenesis can result in a wide range of abnormalities ranging from anencephaly (failure of the top of the skull and brain to develop) to varying degrees of the spine failing to close (spina bifida) of which meningomyelocele (failure of the posterior or caudal part of the spine to close) is the most common (52).
A 23-year-old primigravida presented at 18 weeks' gestation for medical termination of pregnancy for fetal hydrocephalus and meningomyelocele. She was given 200 [micro]g of mifepristone vaginally and after 48 hours, 400 [micro]g of misoprostrol was administered vaginally at 4-hourly intervals.
Pamidronate (3-amino-l-hydroxypropylidene-1, 1-bisphosphonates) is a type of BP being commonly used in pediatric osteoporotic disorders such as; osteogenesis imperfecta, fibrous dysplasia, and in some causes of secondary osteoporosis, like cerebral palsy and meningomyelocele. As in other BPs, pamidronate suppresses osteoclast functions.
There is only one example of a null mouse in which these abnormalities have been well described which is the Gcm1 mouse mutant that exhibits both open (meningomyelocele) and close (lipoma and diastematomyelia) spina bifida in its litters [98].
It included meningomyelocele, encephalocele, and hydro cephalus.
Viikari-Juntura, "Satisfaction with sexual life among persons with traumatic spinal cord injury and meningomyelocele," Disability and Rehabilitation, vol.
At birth, after a natural delivery, he weighed 4 lbs 15 oz and was found to have gross developmental delay and a congenital meningomyelocele.
Cervical meningomyelocele associated with spina bifida in a hydrocephalic miniature colt.
In addition, it may lead to neural tube defects including meningomyelocele and spina bifida (4).
[5] Literature describes the association of spinal deformities such as split cord, spina bifida, meningomyelocele, scoliosis, and so on, and a careful evaluation of the patient is must if the surgery is to be performed under neuraxial anesthesia.