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a congenital anomaly of the central nervous system in which a sac protruding from the brain or the spinal meninges contains cerebrospinal fluid (but no nerve tissue)

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Surgical Management of Cranioschisis with meningocele in a female calf - A Case Report.
Thus, the imaging findings were suggestive of meningocele in the left jugular foramen, identified incidentally.
Then, the communication between the ASM and the dura mater space was disconnected by tethering the neck of the meningocele. Postoperative control with MRI revealed that the uterus and bladder were returned to their normal position (Figure 1b).
In pediatric patients, most commonly congenital diseases (ciliary dyskinesia and cystic fibrosis), chronic rhinosinusitis, radiotherapy, previous nasal surgery, trauma, and congenital benign and malignant tumors (dermoid cyst, meningocele, glioma, lymphangioma, angiofibroma, "Ewing" sarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, neuroblastoma, adenocarcinoma) may lead to formation of mucoceles (8).
In this study a rare, mature cystic teratoma that was associated with an anterior intrathoracic meningocele and that developed in the posterior mediastinum is presented.
The images from this study showed a large anterior sacral meningocele displacing the bladder anteriorly, superiorly, and towards the right side of the pelvis.
Kasprzak et al., "Surgical treatment of lumbosacral pseudarthrosis and spondyloptosis in a patient with neurofibromatosis type 1 and a large lumbar anterior meningocele. Case report and review of the literature,"
Thus, removal of the placental adhesions from the dura mater and the correction of meningocele were not indicated.
Differentiation from other cystic lesions of the mediastinum like neurenteric cyst, pericardial cyst, thymic cyst, bronchogenic cysts, meningocele, lymphangioma, mature cystic teratoma, cystic schwannomas, cystic thymomas, and cystic tubercular lymphadenitis is important as it has important implications in further management of the patient.
[11] mention that the most common craniofacial anomalies characteristic of the syndrome include corneal and orbital defects, anencephaly, meningocele or encephalocele, palpebral colobomas, nose malformations, and facial nerve paralysis; in the oral cavity, there may be micrognathism, hyperdontia, and cleft lip with or without cleft palate, representing 14.6% of patients who are afflicted with this condition [12,13].
Horwich, "Trisomy 18 associated with ectopia cordis and occipital meningocele," American Journal of Medical Genetics, vol.
Meningocele (Figure 1(c)) is often described as a less severe variant of myelomeningocele in which the spinal cord is not found in the sac and is described by embryologists to be absent of neural matter in its herniated sac; and its description is often coupled with that of myelomeningocele which clearly has neural matter herniating at the site of the open lesion.
Sumado a esto, se ha podido observar tanto en modelos animales como en embriones humanos que al haber una expresion reducida de SHH puede ocasionar defectos en el tubo neural, tales como holoprosencefalia, meningocele, mielomeningocele, espina bifida y anencefalia (Tsurubuchi et al., 2013; Lu et al, 2015).