meningeal artery

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any of three arteries supplying the meninges of the brain and neighboring structures

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In the present study, we showed that compound 48/80 induced dural mast cell degranulation leads to vasodilation of middle meningeal artery and its anterior and posterior branches.
The most commonly targeted feeder is the middle meningeal artery followed by the occipital artery and superficial temporal artery.
The origination of this hematoma occurs either from the traumatic injury to temporal lobes resulting in middle meningeal artery braches laceration or tear or fracture of occipital bones with secondary injury to transverse sinus 13 .
These were thin vessels arose from the medial meningeal artery and ascending palatine artery.
Preoperatively, successful embolization of the tumor's blood supply from branches of the fight postauricular artery, the ascending pharyngeal artery, and a posterior branch of the right middle meningeal artery was performed.
An arteriogram revealed a prominent neovascular blush arising from the anterior branch of the left middle meningeal artery, lending credence to the preliminary diagnosis of meningioma.
His paper on anomalous middle meningeal artery, in the bilateral absence of foramen spinosum was a case of a single skull.
(39) These include: distal external carotid artery ethmoidal perforators to the ophthalmic artery, superficial temporal artery to the middle cerebral artery, middle meningeal artery to the ophthalmic artery, and occipital artery to the vertebral artery (Figure 7).
The intrapetrosal portion is supplied by the superficial petrosal branch of the middle meningeal artery and the stylomastoid branch of the posterior auricular artery portion is supplied by the stylomastoid, posterior auricular, superficial temporal, and transverse facial arteries.
Differential diagnosis: Temporal artery pseudoaneurysm may mimic epidermal inclusion cysts, lipomas, hematomas, abscesses, sebaceous cysts, aneurysms, arteriovenous fistulas of the middle meningeal artery, vascular and soft tissue tumors, lymphadenopathy, meningocele, and encephalocele.
The MRA revealed a dural arteriovenous fistula (AVF) between the left middle meningeal artery and a cortical vein with retrograde drainage into Labbe's vein (Figure 2).