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garments that must be repaired

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She found that the medicine did really diminish, but it did not occur to her that the boy was mending the health of a crack in the sitting-room floor with it.
The shoemaking and mending, the blacksmithing, cartwrighting, coopering, weaving, and grain-grind- ing, were all performed by the slaves on the home plantation.
With all these mouths to fill, and the house to look after, and no one to do the mending, and no money coming in to pay the butcher's bill, things began to look very difficult.
pointing to the provisions upon the table,) `` and refrain from mending thy cheer.
It is but a short-sighted policy to wait for the mending of matters that are bound to get worse.
For in what regards manners, every one is so full of his own wisdom, that there might be found as many reformers as heads, if any were allowed to take upon themselves the task of mending them, except those whom God has constituted the supreme rulers of his people or to whom he has given sufficient grace and zeal to be prophets; and although my speculations greatly pleased myself, I believed that others had theirs, which perhaps pleased them still more.
So I want by my gift to show him that I am mending my ways, and beginning to conduct myself better.
Deep in the chimney-corner, like a witch in a dark cavern, sat a little old woman, mending one of the two pairs of stockings wherewith Peter Goldthwaite kept his toes from being frostbitten.
For the great barn-doors are thrown wide open, and men are busy there mending the harness, under the superintendence of Mr.
Placed in these circumstances then, with no prospect of matters mending if I remained aboard the Dolly, I at once made up my mind to leave her: to be sure it was rather an inglorious thing to steal away privily from those at whose hands I had received wrongs and outrages that I could not resent; but how was such a course to be avoided when it was the only alternative left me?
But I told a man mending a hedge that it was Thornton Lacey, and he agreed to it.
The carver stood beside his creation mending the beautiful fan, which by some accident was broken in her hand.
Now while the tinsmiths had been at work mending the Woodman himself, another of the Winkies, who was a goldsmith, had made an axe-handle of solid gold and fitted it to the Woodman's axe, instead of the old broken handle.
Ozma wore few holes in her stockings; still, they sometimes needed mending.
No one thought of mending the leaves, and as years went on they fell to pieces more and more.