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Synonyms for mender

a skilled worker who mends or repairs things

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Botswana National Front representative, Mr Mender Melao said it was vital for the Independent Electoral Commission office to set a targets of the numbers of voters they want to register in a specific time frame, noting that the process of voter registration should be taken seriously as it was a build-up to the general elections.
A watch and clock mender appeared before Stirling Burgh Tribunal 100 years ago this week to seek conditional exemption from call-up.
Why do you refer to your female protagonists by titles that highlight their relationships to others (the Biographer, Daughter, Wife, Mender and Explorer), rather than by their names?
There are, too, "The Daughter" and "The Mender," each of whom also has to reconcile with the role into which she's been cast, though the daughter might have been better called
* Locations include Shah, Mender and Qusahwira fields
wall- Mender, molasses voice, kindest heart, Oh ju-ju man, our Lazarus--
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION: dementi; dene; denier; denim; dent; DETERMINE; diene; dine; diner; dint; emend; endite; enter; entered; entire; entree; ermine; ermined; erne; inert; inter; mend; mender; mien; mind; minder; mine; mined; miner; mint; minted; minter; need; needier; neem; nerd; nereid; nerite; nide; nitre; rein; reined; remind; rend; rent; rented; rind; teen; teenier; tein; tend; tender; tendre; tern; terne; tinder; tine; tined; treen; trend; triene; trine.
dollars with an onshore petroleum firm in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirate (UAE), for a development project at the UAE's southern Mender oilfield.
TOKYO, May 18 (KUNA) -- A subsidiary of China's oil and gas giant has signed a contract worth USD 330 million with an Abu Dhabi's petroleum firm for a development project at the United Arab Emirate southern Mender oilfield, state press reported Monday.
But Hazel is soon distracted from the tensions of the hospital by an enigmatic drifter named Gideon Judge, an itinerant umbrella mender searching for the Northwest Passage.
I asked the clock that was nearest the clock mender's door?
Vivian was a mender in the textile wool industry working for several area companies including the Uxbridge Worsted Wool Co., Hayward-Shuster Woolen Co., and Stanley Woolen Co.
A simple yet clever new consumer product for outdoor lawn and garden use: the Kink Mender for garden hoses.
A COUNCIL road mender caught couriering an illegal Uzi submachine gun through Cardiff has had his jail term slashed on appeal by top judges.
One is a Morse code sender; the other is a source code mender. [Darryl Nester, Bluffton, OH]