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Synonyms for mend

Synonyms for mend

to restore to proper condition or functioning

to make right what is wrong

Synonyms for mend

sewing that repairs a worn or torn hole (especially in a garment)


Related Words

heal or recover

References in classic literature ?
There's no comfort for me no more," she went on, the tears coming when she began to speak, "now thy poor feyther's gone, as I'n washed for and mended, an' got's victual for him for thirty 'ear, an' him allays so pleased wi' iverything I done for him, an' used to be so handy an' do the jobs for me when I war ill an' cumbered wi' th' babby, an' made me the posset an' brought it upstairs as proud as could be, an' carried the lad as war as heavy as two children for five mile an' ne'er grumbled, all the way to Warson Wake, 'cause I wanted to go an' see my sister, as war dead an' gone the very next Christmas as e'er come.
It is not a very big plank,' said the Miller, looking at it, 'and I am afraid that after I have mended my barn-roof there won't be any left for you to mend the wheelbarrow with; but, of course, that is not my fault.
Have you mended the hole in the roof yet, little Hans?
It is quite mended,' answered little Hans, coming down the ladder.
I have no doubt of it,' answered the Miller, 'but now that you have mended the roof, you had better go home and rest, for I want you to drive my sheep to the mountain to-morrow.
So, as soon as the Scarecrow was mended, they decided to go with Diksey to the mine.
Then it was carefully mended, and thus kept from wasting more.
Yes," cries she, "for this once; but will it be mended ever the more hereafter?
She slaved, toiled, patched, and mended, sang and played backgammon, read out the newspaper, cooked dishes, for old Sedley, walked him out sedulously into Kensington Gardens or the Brompton Lanes, listened to his stories with untiring smiles and affectionate hypocrisy, or sat musing by his side and communing with her own thoughts and reminiscences, as the old man, feeble and querulous, sunned himself on the garden benches and prattled about his wrongs or his sorrows.
I told her, yes, and insisted on it, that to do so was to be a gentlewoman; 'for,' says I, 'there is such a one,' naming a woman that mended lace and washed the ladies' laced-heads;
The Ribblehead viaduct was mended a few years ago so the Butterley Spillway also can be mended to leaving it looking as it does today.
THE sign on the shop read: "Shoes repaired and souls mended.
Also, the $1,000 donation her group received - to rent space in a Northridge storage facility for storing the thousands of jeans until they can be mended and handed out - is almost gone.
These programs have been mended as much as they can be and should meet any reasonable constitutional standard.
Supreme Court case law, is an object lesson in why blanket prohibitions against choosing by race, such as the CCRI, are needed if affirmative action is ever to be mended.