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in a mendacious and untruthful manner


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had mendaciously claimed under parliamentary privilege that army
After the Obama administration announced its modest policy changes, the space policy establishment disingenuously and often mendaciously sought to preserve its decades-long rent seeking by feeding into national anxieties about American exceptionalism and the president himself.
We've had enough of phony-memoir love stories, and we've had enough of the way a genuine tragic heroine and victim of Nazi death camps like Anne Frank is mendaciously turned into a spokeswoman for the "goodnesss of man.
Murav'ev-Apostol's "Orthodox Catechism" departs from the Spanish civil catechism in two major instances: though soaked in Christian piety, it indirectly accuses the church of mendaciously supporting the tsars, whereas the Spanish catechism exalts the Catholic church and faith; and while the Russian author condemns monarchy in all forms, the Spaniard affirms dedication to Fernando VII by name.
His discovery is the calamity of morality: 'That one taught men to despise the very first instincts of life; that one mendaciously invented a 'soul', a 'spirit' to ruin the body; that one taught men to experience the presupposition of life, sexuality, as something unclean; that one looks for the evil principle in what is most profoundly necessary for growth, in severe self-love.
They have empathised with a lad who has done a horrible thing and apologised mendaciously.
Yet, some intellectuals are still talking about a two-state solution in lock step with politicians, a mantra that is repeated uncritically, even mendaciously, in the mainstream media.
We now know when scapegoats are being falsely, mendaciously set up, and so the mechanism is easier to expose, precisely because of the biblical revelation.
Through the staging of this interrogation, the three captors seek a specific response from von Luttwitz-Randau--to have him deny his commitment to the Nazi cause, if only mendaciously.
25) Greenblatt thus suggests that there is in principle no difference between the Spanish conquistadors' mendaciously luring the Lucayans into servitude and death by exploiting their religious beliefs and Mote's refuting of Tyndale's religious beliefs by drawing out implications that Tyndale had not intended.
Having come back into power finally--courtesy of a president who, however mendaciously, avows support for the right to arms--Democrats are liable to avoid the gun issue like the plague.
Later, Rumsey began a patent war by mendaciously claiming that his boat of 1784 was really a steamboat.
Next the sin is augmented when something is sworn not only lightly, rashly, and without cause, but also falsely and mendaciously.