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in a menacing manner

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We could hear Jackson, who had gone out to drive away our Malay seamen from the doorway of the companion; he swore menacingly in the patter of a heavy shower, and there was a great commotion on deck.
Because if you don't, I can tell you," Mr Vladimir went on menacingly.
But, there were other echoes, from a distance, that rumbled menacingly in the corner all through this space of time.
As I approached, the monster lifted its glaring eyes to mine, its lips went trembling back from its red-stained teeth, and it growled menacingly.
roared Trudolyubov, losing patience and turning menacingly to me.
Meanwhile Ulysses, as long as his arrows lasted, had been shooting the suitors one by one, and they fell thick on one another: when his arrows gave out, he set the bow to stand against the end wall of the house by the door post, and hung a shield four hides thick about his shoulders; on his comely head he set his helmet, well wrought with a crest of horse-hair that nodded menacingly above it,
As the robot advanced somewhat menacingly at him, Riordan asked, ``It's not related to Tom Hayden, is it?
Hopkins said he plays the role of Hannibal even more menacingly in Red Dragon, adding: "I tried to use the same voice but with more menace and more danger, more hatred and more anger.
Time N Tide got the better of Dukes Again in the heats, but Mick Puzey's black moved up menacingly at the third and showed great guts to nip through an extremely tight gap.
There's a 6-foot stuffed yellow shark perched menacingly over the fireplace.
TWISTING its way across the countryside, a tornado looms menacingly - over Scotland.
They raise their arms like Frankenstein and lurch menacingly toward one another.
The defeated Sadako was escorted out by the game's mascot, while Kayako and Toshio capped off their win by menacingly scowling at the crowd.
EASTHAM Home Guard B are ending the year with lots of promise as they lead division one by three points with Lyceum 'F' menacingly breathing down their necks.
Sometimes you can hear their wings as they zoom past menacingly in search of prey.