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in a menacing manner

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"Now start your shootin' an' see what'll happen to you," Billy advised menacingly.
We could hear Jackson, who had gone out to drive away our Malay seamen from the doorway of the companion; he swore menacingly in the patter of a heavy shower, and there was a great commotion on deck.
Because if you don't, I can tell you," Mr Vladimir went on menacingly. "If you imagine that you are the only one on the secret fund list, you are mistaken."
But, there were other echoes, from a distance, that rumbled menacingly in the corner all through this space of time.
As I approached, the monster lifted its glaring eyes to mine, its lips went trembling back from its red-stained teeth, and it growled menacingly. It was not afraid and not ashamed; the last vestige of the human taint had vanished.
"Why, aren't you going to drink it?" roared Trudolyubov, losing patience and turning menacingly to me.
Meanwhile Ulysses, as long as his arrows lasted, had been shooting the suitors one by one, and they fell thick on one another: when his arrows gave out, he set the bow to stand against the end wall of the house by the door post, and hung a shield four hides thick about his shoulders; on his comely head he set his helmet, well wrought with a crest of horse-hair that nodded menacingly above it,
In a weekly column of his menacingly titled newspaper Je Suis Partout (I Am Everywhere), Brasillach listed the names, aliases, and last known whereabouts of Jews who had gone into hiding.
'A numbers of families have locked themselves in their house and the marauding bees menacingly hover around,' he said.
But surely the far bigger story here is the giant chicken that menacingly lurks to the side of the field?
The victim, Simon Boateng, was in his bedroom when he heard an unusual noise and decided to find out what was going on, only to see Amponsah, armed with a cutlass, moving menacingly towards him.
There they sit, menacingly eating up our rubbish, their never-ending appetite for consuming our waste.
Clearly angry, veteran Dragon Deborah Meaden pointed her finger straight at Sarah and told her menacingly: "Never stand in front of anyone ever again and say 'you're better than me'.
She plays the character so menacingly, she terrifies me.
The defeated Sadako was escorted out by the game's mascot, while Kayako and Toshio capped off their win by menacingly scowling at the crowd.