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Synonyms for leisure

at your leisure


  • in your own (good) time
  • in due course
  • at your convenience
  • unhurriedly
  • when it suits you
  • without hurry
  • at an unhurried pace
  • when you get round to it

Synonyms for leisure

freedom from labor, responsibility, or strain

Synonyms for leisure

time available for ease and relaxation

freedom to choose a pastime or enjoyable activity

References in classic literature ?
Everywhere one meets young men of leisure, well off, calmly proposing to settle down and spend the best part of their lives in what they call country life.
Is it, in this matter, that Liverpool has not got men of leisure similar to those in Manchester who are ready to undertake such duties?
a group of British men of leisure set out to make the world as much like England as possible and, to that end, founded The Colonial Society in 1868.
Pasadena Doo Dah Parade, featuring such groups as the BBQ Hibachi & Grill Team, the Men of Leisure and Bungee Barbies; Old Town Pasadena, free admission; (626) 440-7379.
Rounding out the lineup are Men of Leisure, who Hurley described as a ``synchronized napping drill team;'' the Howlelujah Chorus, a group of 100 basset hounds wearing choir bibs; a roller hockey team from The 35er, an Old Pasadena tavern; Elvirus and the Vaccines, who spoof TV's black-haired Mistress of the Dark; and a team of skateboarders who play the drums and sword fight, Hurley said.