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Considering that I was presenting as a woman, using the men's room would have been far more than uncomfortable; it would have been very dangerous.
I got fed up, called for volunteers, hollered into the men's room that desperate women were about to use their stalls, and in we went.
2007: Larry Craig, an Idaho senator with an anti-LGBT record, is arrested for allegedly soliciting sex in an airport men's room. He later claims it was all a misunderstanding: "I am not gay, I have never been gay."
LADIES changing in the men's rooms - and the men towelling themselves down in the sauna.
The green used in the men's rooms is so vile 'I almost didn't want to pee in there', one man was overheard to say: the rumour is that the anxiety-inducing shade is meant to thwart setting up home by the homeless, a significant population here.
Cleaners had found two young recruits in the men's rooms at Tulliallan, Clackmannanshire.
And we had a good idea, all those years ago -- or someone did -- when we started pinning up newspapers in men's rooms. Think about that the next time you are developing new products.