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a mental image of something previously experienced

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The implemented prototype presents the integrated analysis of configuration log file, memory image, disk image and network traffic captures.
When Dante returns to the "cheerful world" of the living he recounts his story, like Cicero, through reeling in the memory images in the proper sequence.
For unlike phantasia, which represents a simple memory image in the mind, phantasma refers to the image of an image.
The experience is often accompanied by the distinct awareness that the ESP-triggered memory images are suddenly intruding in mental activity that was directed elsewhere.
In addition, through Direct Memory Image Transfer technology, users of the new software can capture an exact image of the CAD geometry without translation, even when Algor and the CAD solid modeler reside on separate computers.
In addition, through Direct Memory Image Transfer (DMIT) technology, DesignPak users can capture an exact image of the CAD geometry without translation even when Algor and the CAD solid modeler reside on separate computers.
When Algor and Pro/Engineer are installed on different computers, the Direct Memory Image Transfer programming in InCAD-plus ensures the transfer of mathematically exact model descriptions to the analysis software.
Forms produce an image in the memory, and the more often a form is seen and its memory image stimulated or reviewed, the more meaningless it tends to become, and so Goller proposes his law of the jading (Ermudung) of the sense of form, aesthetic boredom and dissatisfaction, as the main cause for the perpetual mutation of style.
So too, the loss of one of the monkey's fingers profoundly alters the sensory representation of its hand--the "memory image" of the hand.
Schulte discusses at length Wittgenstein's criticisms of the idea of a memory image, the notion of the experiential content of a memory, and the thesis that a memory is embedded in certain feelings" (p.
The artist used a shot of an ordinary, dirty sidewalk, reworked in 3D, to create an image that refers in turn to another memory image. What we see and interpret is different from what is objectively portrayed.
or any kind of obvious narrative connection." Instead, it derives from the analogy between the uniform density of Rauschenberg's arrangements and the equivalent nature of memory: "as one remembers experience," she maintains, "each memory image seems to function for recall in a way that is independent of whether it happened or not, or what degree of denseness it had when we experienced it.
Monitor support with 30 "large-area monitor, Ceiling mounted 2x min 30" large area monitor with maximum brightness and contrast resolution, Suitable for the flicker-free reproduction of the digital tv screen or the digital memory images. Patient-focused intervention module (high-contrast) with hardware and software for 3d reconstruction software to assist with interventional imaging with operation and control directly on the examination table (function keys, Touch screen, Joystick, Etc.) as well as display of the parameters on the monitor.
It prevents intrusive memory images from remaining too long in consciousness - those off-topic thoughts that distract us.
To understand how the recall process works in real time, the researchers asked a set of participants to commit to memory images of different objects, which they also learned to associate with different words that functioned as cues.