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(computer science) the operation of reading or writing stored information

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Since data is now arranged in azimuth direction (needed for efficient azimuth FFT), RCMC interpolation operates with discontinuous memory access.
The resulting ideal SNAP architecture is a microprocessor core cluster that is free of any interrupts, memory access bottlenecks or context switching, meaning that it can use all of its compute power.
QDR-IV's independent ports for reading and writing enable concurrent operations and random memory access, mitigating this processing penalty.
It uses single-clock memory access and an architecture that optimizes execution time to perform operations up to six times faster than a traditional '186 running at the same clock frequency.
In-Memory Performance: To continue raising the performance bar to new heights, solidDB for MySQL will implement an in-memory storage engine with data structures and access methods specifically designed for random memory access.
With the introduction of AMD's DSDC architecture, Vigor customers can count on a scalable platform since the AMD Quad FX platform is designed for a seamless upgrade path to a total of eight processing cores as well as next-generation platform innovations such as high-performance, low-latency unbuffered DDR2 memory, and Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) support with compatible operating systems.
0 w/ phy integration, the MPC8313E provides a 32-bit double data rate (DDR1/DDR2) memory controller running up to 333 MHz, a 32-bit peripheral component interconnect (PCI) controller, a 16-bit local bus and four direct memory access (DMA) channels.
Engineered using AMD's Direct Connect Architecture, AMD Virtualization(TM) technology can increase performance with multi-core capabilities and fast memory access, while enabling hypervisors to run more efficiently and supporting unmodified guest operating systems.
It uses a single transistor cell to achieve its exceptional density while maintaining the refresh-free interface and low latency random memory access cycle time associated with traditional six-transistor SRAM cells.
To significantly increase PC performance, the chipset incorporates Intel(R) Fast Memory Access, an updated Memory Controller Hub backbone architecture that optimizes the system's memory bandwidth.
Hausauer will also illustrate how iWARP-enabled Ethernet improves system performance while utilizing Microsoft's Remote Direct Memory Access Application Program Interface (RDMA APIs.
Leonard will speak on how companies can gain meaningful efficiencies and performance improvements by enabling Java and C++ applications to communicate natively through shared memory access (SMA) and a shared, standardized application program interface (API).
HydraSDO is optimized to provide Shared Memory Access (SMA) between Java and C++ using the industry SDO specification, allowing the same data to be accessed through both programming languages without translation to a common format such as XML.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The OpenFabrics Alliance (formerly OpenIB Alliance), an industry group that develops open-source software for InfiniBand and Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) over Ethernet technologies (iWARP), today announced an OpenFabrics Workshop in Paris June 22-23, 2006 at Hotel Le Meridien Montparnasse.