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commit to memory

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The second level students need to memorise three parts of the Quran, and study the Tajweed curriculum of the 'Masterpiece Textbook Explanation', while the third level students have to learn five parts of the Quran, and study the 'Al Jazriya' Tajweed textbook, she elaborated.
32 HOW TO MEMORISE A DECK OF PLAYING CARDS Visualise each of the 52 cards as a particular person.
Several religious groups in the Muslim world have called for shaving time off prisoners' sentences if they can memorise all or parts of the Quran.
Draw a mind map, memorise it, put it away and then try to duplicate it from memory.
Cecil said: "I thought it was important to get the horse's adrenalin going by boxing him up and bringing him here, and although Memorise didn't lead him for as long as I'd have liked, Kieren said he felt great when he pressed the button.
Fallon was judged to have been guilty of careless riding and of hampering runner-up Stage Affair when winning the Group 3 Curragh Cup on Memorise.
Out of luck in the Derby on Sadian, Fallon worked hard from half-way to triumph on Memorise, beating odds-on favourite Stage Affair.
Only 30 minutes after a brilliant exhibition of forceful riding on Ali- Royal to lift the Group 1 Sussex Stakes, Fallon rode a stinker on heavily backed Memorise in the pounds 28,000 Tote Gold Trophy.
Before the invention of writing, the only way to possess a poem was to memorise it.
All praise to Almighty Allah who guided and inspired me to memorise the Holy Quran in 2008 -- a holy journey which I finished in 2010 in the Samarra city .
Hamoud bin Said al Sawafi, Administrative Member of the competition said that this competition provides the male and female youths with the motivation to pay attention to the Holy Quran as it also helps them to memorise the Holy Quran.
The champion incurred his ban for his riding of Memorise, first past the post in the Group 3 Waterford Crystal World Sports Curragh Cup, the finalconcluding event on Irish Derby day.
But if they memorise his lament, years from now - perhaps while they are cleaning up their child's chocolate-smeared face after birthday cake - they may suddenly grasp his nostalgia for Delight and liberty, the simple creed/Of Childhood and the bittersweet truth that Our noisy years seem moments in the being/Of the eternal Silence .
In order to clear the first phase, the girls were required to memorise three of the 30 volumes of the Holy Quran, with full command on the recitation and rules.
A nine-year-old Tunisian boy, who is able to memorise a page of the holy Qur'an in just 10 minutes, was introduced during a ceremony in Doha on Tuesday.