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We'll explain what the exact role of a Legacy Contact is and how to delete or memorialize your account in the case of death.
Pagcaliwagan and Que thus formed Cloud Memorials, which they billed as a more solemn place for people to memorialize their dearly departed.
Brown didn't want to memorialize Lady Day by recounting her painful history.
Robert Erwin, a local skate shop owner, said many of Costello's students and peers in the skating community wanted to find a way to memorialize him.
living room to memorialize their saintly friend Boomie and to mull the question "Is life gay after 40?
Recently, an Iraqi sculptor was charged with the task of creating a statue to memorialize Americans who had given their life in Iraq.
Howe Memorial Foundation, an organization created in 1961 to memorialize the Right Honourable Clarence Decatur Howe.
The anniversary experienced a crisis of generational transmission in the 1820s and 1830s that gave it new meanings and stakeholders, becoming used to memorialize the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 and to assert the antebellum elite's claims to social exclusivity and civic leadership.
And though there were plenty of heroes to memorialize, it's hard to do positive cartoons.
We prefer to memorialize him not as a boy of summer but as a man who, in some mysterious transmutation of the human spirit, matured into a wondrous man for all seasons.
Memorial groves totaling 2,893 trees will be planted in New York to memorialize the World Trade Center victims.
The document also calls for: increased funding for ministry and leadership training for indigenous people, an increase in the church's work in support of native land claims and treaty negotiations, an increase in the church's healing fund, development of a truth and reconciliation (the word was used in this context) tribunal and development of liturgies to memorialize residential school stories and mark steps on the healing journey for native and non-native people.
To the extent a transferor parent is inclined to dominate governance without necessarily attending to systematic and periodic shareholder and director meetings, the adviser may be well-advised to memorialize that scenario pursuant to a close corporation agreement (if available under local law).
There is no better way to express your grief and memorialize the passing of your pet and honor them by placing a memorial on this site.
But both celebrate and memorialize facets of the rebel cultures of their respective times.