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a ceremony to honor the memory of someone or something

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Yet, memorialisation is central to the task of beginning to confront historical wrongs.
Gerard Kilroy systematically analyses how the memorialisation of the trial and execution of Edmund Campion became a battleground for Roman Catholics and Protestants intensely nervous about the prospect of Elizabeth I's entering into a Roman Catholic marriage.
This focus on memorialisation continues in Rachel Wither's tribute to her friend and colleague, the artist and teacher Monica Ross.
Their focus on the materiality of remembering and forgetting sets out how the processes of memorialisation and anathematisation are constituted and unconstituted (Figure 2).
Julien said that the winning bid from the auction beginning June 23 would receive the crypt, opening and closing of the vault for burial, a memorialisation inscription and use of a chapel for a committal service.
The State Department noted that "the record that is compiled could be used for a broad range of transitional justice and reconciliation processes, including truth-seeking, memorialisation, and prosecutions.
The memorial gardens will offer memorialisation made exclusively from either Welsh lime or sandstone, to blend with the rural aspect of the Vale.
Other issues they will be examining include human emotions surrounding woodland burials, the law and litigation surrounding funeral pyres, organ donation and transplantation, and memorialisation in cyberspace.
There is no memorialisation of any informal or oral agreement" concerning the settlements, she added.
This is a first in Cardiff for this type of memorialisation.
Considering the commemoration and memorialisation of disappearances, Torney shows through letters, diaries and memorial stones, how parental grief maintained the image of the bush-lost child.
Here then is yet another bigger, brash, violent and confrontational if not arrogant monument to ingenious banality of death and the memorialisation of a race.
Koselleck traces the individualisation and democratisation of the memorialisation of death over the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and comments perceptively on the wide-ranging formal commonalities of war memorials.
He links the genealogical obliteration of Glaucus with the radical form of memorialisation of dead soldiers in Maya Lin's Vietnam veterans' memorial in Washington, D.
OUR cemeteries are being turned into theme parks by too much memorialisation and individual taste.