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Synonyms for memorial

Synonyms for memorial

something, as a structure or custom, serving to honor or keep alive a memory

serving to honor or keep alive a memory

Synonyms for memorial

a recognition of meritorious service

a written statement of facts submitted in conjunction with a petition to an authority

References in classic literature ?
I am aware of that; and that's the reason why I insist upon it, that there shan't be a word about it in his Memorial.
Is it a Memorial about his own history that he is writing, aunt?
A man with only a portmanteau for his stowage must keep his memorials in his head.
Edwardes had striven for five consecutive years to be allowed to recite a piece of his own composition on Gloucester Memorial Day.
The Vietnam Memorial also contains something of Japan's memorial for the young, idealistic Kamikaze pilots: if the dead were heroic and their ideals pure, why should anyone conclude that war is bad?
Memorial has posted year over year improvement in operating profitability since 2001.
The new $510 million memorial plan reduces the size of underground museum galleries and moves the names of the 2,979 victims of September 11th from a subterranean gallery to a grade-level display around the two "voids.
We're personally attached to Memorial Day this year, because this is the first without our son,'' said Bob Slocum, father of Marine Lance Cpl.
I found at its base a plaque dedicating the tree as a memorial to those from Arlington who died in The Great War, 1917-1919.
Thomas Memorial Hospital in South Charleston, West Virginia, is deploying the EqualLogic storage solution to meet requirements for 27 terabytes of online storage and a disaster recovery site to support the most advanced set of medical imaging services in the region.
For instance, Sciame will have to convene the Memorial and Master Plan Design Committee of Michael Arad, Peter Walker, Max Bond and Daniel Libeskind and work in coordination with the LMDC, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the WTC Memorial Foundation to see that the memorial is built within the original $500 million budget.
Memorial Day ceremonies at Eternal Valley Memorial Park in Newhall will begin at 10 a.
These men in uniform, women in furs, and little children in their Sunday best probably never imagined that there would be many, many more groves of memorial trees planted as the decades passed.
In July 2006, management publicly announced their intention to sell the Anaheim Memorial Medical Center facility, and expects to announce the winning bidder by early Spring 2007.
Giving testimony in front of the Committee, LMDC president Stefan Pryor made the somewhat counterintuitive point that the reduction in access ways would expedite passage from the memorial because it would be less confusing than having multiple points of egress.