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Caro's virtues here are the ones Italo Calvino would so memorably hymn in his Six Memos for the Next Millennium (1998): lightness, quickness, exactitude, visibility, multiplicity.
Though the integration of graphics and architecture is not new in itself (Dutch practice Neutelings Riedijk memorably put poetry on a printing factory, AR March 1999), here it is executed with confident aplomb.
Like The Red Badge of Courage, this fine novel memorably conveys the horrors of war from a young soldier's viewpoint--two young soldiers, in this case, one on each side.
1936 Djuna Barnes's Nightwood presents lesbian romance as tormented and unfulfilling, a theme revisited repeatedly over the next few decades, most memorably by Patricia Highsmith (writing as Claire Morgan) in 1952's The Price of Salt.
He had, as he once memorably put it to Percival, who used it as the title for his subsequent biography, "theater in my blood.
These courses, the newest in McGraw-Hill Lifetime Learning's Xebec Interactive Business Skills series, employ the best of multimedia and interactivity to teach vital skills quickly and memorably.
Memorably named by wartime leader Winston Churchill, the iron curtain described the postwar division of Europe between the western powers, with the eastern part of the continent effectively controlled by the Soviet Union.
Strange day to choose, until you remember the Southampton slicker oh-so memorably sang on Seven Days: "I met this girl on Monday, Took her for a drink on Tuesday, We were making love by Wednesday.
The work is punctuated by sequences that evoke early cinema--most memorably, a lesson in which Ben-Ner demonstrates a flip book that conveys the illusion of an approaching train, leaving his sidekick as saucer-eyed with fear and delight as the Lumiere brothers' first audience.
In its sobriety, economy and curiously sensual engagement with nature, Joy's architecture, even on such a relatively small project, memorably distils the particular with the universal.
She becomes a mainstay, notably in John Rechy's City of Night (1963) and memorably in Manuel Puig's Kiss of the Spider Woman (1976).
Caniparoli is gifted at uncovering unexplored talents and Ciao, Marcello loomed most memorably as "Saluti, Yolonda,"
The Ad Game is a memorably comical adventure in which the visitor plays a junior copywriter trying to launch his or her first ad campaign.
Along with pop hits that memorably worked the video angle for a nascent MTV (a white-clad Dolby exploring the fictional "Institute for Deranged Science" is among the most recognizable video images of the '80s), the four-time Grammy nominee collaborated with the likes of Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, Foreigner and Roger Waters.
In the paintings as in the film to which they refer, the sweet candor in Dominique Sanda's face memorably lights up against the fatality that shadows her.