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Synonyms for memento

Synonyms for memento

something that causes one to remember

Synonyms for memento

a reminder of past events


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Theresa Aletheia's series of tweets has led to a memento mori-inspired Lenten devotional.
Memento Films International is handling international sales and has already pre-sold the film to Germany and Austria (Prokino), Latin America (Leda Films), Japan (Longride), Benelux (Cineart), China (Hi-Show), Greece (Seven), Hong Kong (Golden Scene), Hungary (Mozinet), Israel (Lev), Poland (Gutek), the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Aero Films), Russia and the Baltics (Mauris Films), Scandinavia (Scanbox), Switzerland (Frenetic), Taiwan (Movie Cloud), Turkey (Zeyno Films) and former Yugoslavia (Megacom).
"Martin Luther prominently opposed this reading at the dawn of the Protestant Reformation, anticipating modern readings." If Ecclesiastes tries out a skeptical worldview, "the memento mori theme readily becomes a kind of realistic resignation before an inscrutable and almost despotic deity" said Treier, who subscribes to a more positive, "theologically friendly" reading of the text, in the context that "our labor in the Lord is not in vain."
The post Man fined for cannabis plants he kept as a 'memento' appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Memento mori!" If I recall my schoolboy Latin correctly, this translates roughly as: "Look behind you!
MEMENTO is the world's first 3D printed, fully customizable video jewelry piece.
While at Salisbury Plain, a memento came into the possession of our family with his details written, presumably in his hand, inside.
Christopher Nolan's back-to-front memory thriller Memento is getting the remake treatment just 15 years after it played in theatres.
CREDITS: A Motlys, Memento Films presentation of a Motlys, Memento Films Prod., Nimbus Film production, in association with Animal Kingdom, Beachside Films, Memento Films international, Memento Films Distribution, Bona Fide Prods., in co-production with Arte France Cinema, Don't Look Now.
BARACK OBAMA, Angela Merkel and other world leaders at the 2014 Nato Summit will take a piece of Wales home next month - a bronze memento of the Celtic Manor showcase.
BARACK OBAMA, Angela Merkel and other world leaders expected at the 2014 Nato Summit will literally take a piece of Wales home with them this September when they are given a bronze memento of the Celtic Manor showcase.
The heads of the various compaA[degrees]nies presented the longA[degrees]serving employees with a certificate and a memento as a token of appreciaA[degrees]tion.
Hamza K.S., manager of CSR at Malabar Gold & Diamonds, received the memento from Mohammed Abdulla Al Zarooni, director of the Sharjah Medical District, in the presence of VIP guests and dignitaries.
He was honoured with a memento by Vidwan K Vishwanath Rai, director of Vishwakalaniketan Dance Institute from Karnataka.