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a cultural unit (an idea or value or pattern of behavior) that is passed from one person to another by non-genetic means (as by imitation)

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And in any case, no widely followed interpretation of Islam advocates the overthrow of the government in--as the meme states--a forceful, violent or unconstitutional way.
Since the announcement in May 2014, JINS MEME has already caught researchers' attention around the world for its potential in a wide range of research from medical to behavioral analyses.
Given the lack of observable material content, some critics say that meme theory has no basis in science.
Toutefois, sur les neuf derniers mois de l'annee en cours, le trafic passagers ressort en hausse d'environ 8 pc par rapport a la meme periode de l'annee 2012.
Bu calisma, ulkemizin bazi yorelerinde yenidoganlann meme dokusuna yapilan yanlis uygulamalara dikkat cekmek ve yenidoganlara saglik hizmeti sunan saglik personelinin bu konudaki duyarliligini artirmak amaci ile rapor edilmistir.
The entire Meme Mia team would like to extend a wave of gratitude to FNB and all the other sponsors for enabling this mammoth production to take place.
In just a few days, millions of Chinese web users were following links to the meme and posting photos and video of themselves adopting the 'Aircraft Carrier Style' look.
To understand the artwork displayed you will not only have to have a basic knowledge of popular memes and of the many jokes that show up on the various social media but also of Egyptian pop culture and politics.
For is not a meme (a "unit of thought replicated by imitation") a kind of camouflage and habitation?
In the last couple of weeks, Trouble says interest in Lebanese Memes has been expressed by a number of Lebanese television networks keen to sponsor, advertise or host meme competitions and raise awareness of the ever-growing phenomenon.
Ergenlik evresinde meme hastaliklari hem birey hem de ailesi icin endise kaynagi olabilen, ancak genellikle iyi huylu sorunlardan olusmaktadir.
A meme is a story or element that is transmitted throughout a culture.
That year, Meme Lahja's husband Thimoteus haMarkus died of malaria.
The Oxford English Dictionary defines a meme as "an element of culture that may be considered to be passed on by non-genetic means, especially imitation.
Kucuk hucreli akciger karsinomu tanisi konulan, 59 yasindaki erkek hastada meme dokusunun biyopsisi ve immunhistokimyasal analizi sonucu meme metastazi saptanmistr.