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a cultural unit (an idea or value or pattern of behavior) that is passed from one person to another by non-genetic means (as by imitation)

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For many people nowadays, a meme is a funny combination of picture and text, although this is not what the term was originally coined to refer to," said Saad.
Apres les greves de tout le secteur de la chimie, en soutient a leurs collegues dans une usine de pneumatique, rachetee par un prive qui demandait que l'Etat-revendeur lui laisse les memes privileges qu'une entreprise publique.
Grumpy Cat is actually named Tardar Sauce, and she became a star of the image macro meme format nearly six years ago due to facial deformities that make her appear eternally displeased.
If everyone is telling a particular story or joke, participating in a particular custom, or sharing a particular meme, there's a reason.
Popular culture is a reinterpretation of everyday life and experiences, and the meme is the visual symbol of this reinterpretation.
Whereas some kids came with their birth certificates, there are many for whom meme Maria had to apply for documentation.
Keanu Reeves is well aware of his Sad Keanu meme and his official response: "I mean, do I wish I didn't get my picture taken while I was eating a sandwich on the streets of New York?
Es un hecho: la palabra meme ya es de las mas buscadas en internet.
I hope my classicist friends will forgive me if I abbreviate mimeme to meme.
Profilaktik bilateral salpingo-ooferektomi cerrahisinin, BRCA-1 ve BRCA-2 mutasyonu tasiyicilarinda meme ve over kanseri riskini azalttigi gosterilmistir.
Taking aim at President Obama (of course), the meme suggests that because of their faith, Muslims are seeking to overthrow the US government.
L ' Indice de Confiance des Menages (ICM), a cours du deuxieme trimestre de 2015, aura enregistre une hausse de 2,4 points par rapport au premier trimestre de 2015 et de 2,1 points par rapport au meme trimestre de l'annee 2014, indique le Haut-commissariat au plan (HCP).
Algunos autores como Dawkins (1979), Blackmore (2000) o Aunger (2004), mas o menos comparten la idea del meme como equivalente del gen: mientras este transmite informacion generica, el meme la transmite de forma cultural, longitudinal u horizontalmente, por aprendizaje.
Le chiffre d'affaires du 2eme trimestre 2014 a progresse de 19,3% par rapport a la meme periode en 2013, passant de 24,573 MD pendant le 2eme trimestre 2013 a 29,305 MD courant la meme periode en 2014.
An Internet meme is spread via social media and email, and can be a video, visual, link, hashtag or website.