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characterized by formation of a membrane (or something resembling a membrane)


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Besides, it is generally accepted and showed that thermodynamically less stable membrane-forming systems enhance the precipitation rate in the coagulation bath and make more porous membranes [37, 38], Table 2 show the PWF data of the CA, CAP, and CAB membranes fabricated using DMF and DMAc solvents at a constant polymer concentration of 18 wt%.
The product has been third-party laboratory tested to meet water-retention requirements of a liquid membrane-forming curing compound per ASTM C156 Standard Test Method for Water Loss (from a Mortar Specimen) Through Liquid Membrane-Forming Curing Compounds for Concrete, even though Day1 forms no membrane.
Complex systems chemistry uses computer models to simulate combinations of reactions, involving membrane-forming reactions, self-replicating nucleic acids and metabolic energy-producing reactions.
But all these methods resulted more complex membrane-forming process and mechanism.
Moreover, it has particular oil resistance, abrasive resistance, solvent resistance, especially for hydrocarbon compounds, and a remarkable membrane-forming ability [14, 15].
Poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) has received great attention as membrane-forming material with regard to its outstanding properties such as good mechanical strength, chemical resistance, thermal stability, and high hydrophobicity, compared to other commercialized polymeric materials [1-4].
However, its oxygen/nitrogen separation factor is only about 2.0 and the membrane-forming ability is also unsatisfied to limit its further effective applications in a way.
A new cross-linked hybrid membrane (CHM) was prepared with the hydrogen-containing silicone oil (HSO) as a cross-linking agent, PDMS containing vinyl group and the SR-FVI as matrix materials to enhance its membrane-forming ability and permselectivity.
The membrane-forming process by volatilizing solvent and cross-linking reactions between the silicon-hydrogen bond and the vinyl group were carried out simultaneously under the catalytic action of chloroplatinic acid.
A cross-linked hybrid network structure had been formed during membrane-forming process.
It is generally accepted as a common rule that thermodynamically less stable membrane-forming systems can enhance precipitation rate in coagulation bath and make more porous membranes and vice versa (6), (28).
These three polyimides have Tg's about as low as can be envisioned for high-selectivity membrane-forming glassy materials with a reasonable affinity for the zeolite sieve surface.
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