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melted snow or ice

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By measuring microwave energy coming off Greenland, satellites can see how much meltwater there is versus how much ice.
Sir David said the implications of Arctic meltwater disrupting the flow of ocean currents, which maintain global climate were 'hard to overstate'.
Frequently these are assumed to be earlier tectonic depressions carved by glaciers or subglacial meltwaters (e.
In the Mendoza region of Argentina, however, the grape has blossomed under cloudless skies and irrigation from the Andes meltwaters.
Meltwaters from glaciers irrigate farmland, drive hydroelectric turbines, and quench the thirst of millions of people around the world.
They compared evidence of sea level change from the rock record of ancient coastlines, with evidence of sediments being deposited by glacial meltwaters or ice rafting at high latitudes, and with chemical indicators of temperature in the strata.