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Synonyms for melting

the process whereby heat changes something from a solid to a liquid

becoming liquid


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This can be depicted with the conventional melting pattern for a single-flighted screw, as shown in the illustration to the right.
4 : to lose clear outline <"Yes, I know," said the Fox, melting into the bushes.
Therefore, a rapid diagnostic assay was developed to discriminate between HPAI and LPAI subtype H5 viruses by 1-step real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) with melting curve analysis.
Melting Yield--The amount of steel produced as a percentage of feedstock entering the furnace at a steel mill.
MELTING CAP A transition taking place in the ice-covered ocean that sits atop the world may prove far more significant for the Arctic's albedo than is the shrub expansion on land.
As melting of pellets begins to take place in the middle, transition zone of a plastics extruder, a pool of melt forms in the rear of the screw channel as a result of screw geometry.
Which type of chocolate has a lower melting point: a candy-coated or non-coated chocolate?
The point most commonly taken is that the new human products of the melting pot would, of necessity, be culturally indistinguishable.
Melting in air, high temperatures, fossil fuel decomposition, humidity, oxide-covered charge materials, returns, trim scrap, gates and runners, and sand system debris all contribute to the presence of melt impurities.
Research has proven that the consistency of the melting rate has a direct influence on bond strength.
The researchers repeatedly raised the pressure inside the cell and determined sodium's melting temperature at each of these pressures by heating the material.