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severe overheating of the core of a nuclear reactor resulting in the core melting and radiation escaping

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a disaster comparable to a nuclear meltdown

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How this "failure of military justice" occurred is the author's primary focus in Meltdown in Haditha.
Russell |Brand explores the financial meltdown in Michael Winterbottom's documentary
But there is no question her shock resignation reveals Labour to be in complete meltdown in Scotland.
com/2014/07/01/bones-season-10-james-aubrey-fbi-agent-cast-ask-ausiello/) report , fans can see Malia having the meltdown on the upcoming episode.
The crash came after thousands of customers were unable to access online accounts, or had payments declined in shops, after an IT meltdown on Monday.
As the audience was left shocked, fellow co-host Tamar Braxton came in to defend Spears' public meltdown.
The Cypriot economy suffered a meltdown that resulted in the collapse of the banking system and the country was forced to seek an unfavourable international bailout package as part of its rescue plan.
Since the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami triggered the nuclear crisis, TEPCO has continued to grapple with massive amounts of radioactive water that have accumulated inside the plant as a result of continuing water injections into the meltdown reactors.
If the temperature of spent nuclear fuel is allowed to increase unchecked it can potentially reach the point where a nuclear reaction begins, leading to a meltdown.
As a child he was known to accidentally kill animals, play imaginary games that included dead body parts and have violent meltdowns.
WASHINGTON -- Pakistan is a country which is in a slow meltdown, an eminent American expert has told lawmakers, a development which she argued would be extraordinarily bad for the region and for the United States.
Colvin, an educational and behavioral consultant who has been a special and general education teacher, administrator, and university researcher, and Sheehan, who has a background in research psychology, outline steps special and general education teachers, parents, and service providers can use to prevent and respond to the various phases of meltdown behavior in students with autism spectrum disorders.
A NEWLYWED Midland couple have had their dream honeymoon ruined after becoming victims of the NatWest banking meltdown.
ONE OF this year's X Factor contestants has already had an emotional meltdown, saying she wants to "jump off a cliff".
The plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co, Tepco, had been wary of using the term "meltdown" but said earlier Tuesday it had concluded meltdowns had occurred at three reactors.