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Synonyms for meltable

capable of melting

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That said, be sure to try her Meltable Muenster, Macadamia Ricotta, Soft Gruyere, Air-Dried Gouda, and Smoked Provolone.
The coatings on substrate may be either meltable or dissolvable.
All structures, however, are meltable hard phases and amorphous soft phases.
The heated mold halves are first filled with a meltable powder to form the skins.
I also like homemade pizza with pineapple, roasted vegetables and plain yogurt or meltable soy and rice `cheeses,'" Merskin said.
Playing the role of a writer, Aleksandra Mokranjac has a premonition that the mythological wings she strives to take from the mythological figure of Daedalus are dangerously meltable, as her wings of time are far more meltable than wings made of wax--in an instant, time is gone, disappeared, and lost forever.
Mozzarella is most known to American consumers as a highly meltable cheese for pizza.