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"Losing To Win!" Not only provides scrumptious recipes that are easy to make in your own kitchen, but hard learned diet and exercise tips that helped Jernigan melt off the pounds.
"I throw myself full throttle into my work, and those extra 10 pounds just seem to melt off. I also have a resistance workout that does wonders for my arms and abs," the Mirror quoted her as saying.
Your face will melt off, and your children will weep over your exploded body ...
Don't miss the braised beef short ribs and the chicken lollipops--sweet and spicy drummettes that melt off the bone.
The snows of winter usually melt off this mountain by the first of May, two months sooner than on most trails in the High Cascades.
The three possibilities are more rain, less sea ice production, or an increased flow of glacial melt off the Antarctic continent.
The only way you're going to see those toned abs is to melt off fat.
But one brand is "clinically proven" to melt off pounds.
I feel frustration and stress melt off my forehead.
Javert follows Jaures into the restaurant and, sniffing something amiss when Dimo's false mustache and goatee start to melt off, prepares to tackle the waiter as he serves the deadly bombe.
The furnace roars to life, and icicles melt off the roof.
In The Glucose Revolution (1999, Marlowe & Co.), Jennie Brand-Miller of the University of Sydney, Australia and her coauthors propose that a low-GI diet can melt off pounds and even boost athletic performance.
A man could place his hand inside an electromagnetic field and feel no discomfort whatsoever, unless he was wearing a ring or a watch, which, if left in the field, would rapidly heat up and melt off, perhaps with a finger or a wrist."