melt down

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reduce or cause to be reduced from a solid to a liquid state, usually by heating

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Police told the confectioner to melt down all chocolate versions of the actor's manhood, after receiving numerous complaints from passers-by with children.
The suggestion that Gordon Brown was warned a year ago about a possible bank melt down and did little to prevent it, conflicts with his boast ab out his safe handling of the economy in his 10years as Chancellor.
If you're going to melt down, this is the place to do it," said Alan Ehrlich, executive director of the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce, adding that the nonjudgmental nature of the area adds to its appeal.
POLICE have joined art experts in a frantic search for a massive pounds 3m Henry Moore bronze sculpture as fears grew that thieves could melt down the "national treasure".
In Springfield, townspeople enlist the help of a local metalcasting facility to melt down guns, brass knuckles and ninja stars (Fig.
Prototype polyurethane tires of the distant past ran into not-so-niggling problems during real-world testing such as poor wet traction and melt down during braking.
Sponsored by Water and Power Community Credit Union, a full-service financial cooperative serving Southern California communities for nearly three-quarters of a century, winner Samantha Chea of Mira Loma, CA was the first contestant to melt down their ice sculpture and get to the frozen cash prize inside.
But if the electrical cabling burns and the pumps that cool the reactor core become disabled, the core could begin to over-heat, and the reactor could melt down.
Mr Hurley said, 'We melt down the stone and then spin it into fibres, with the process taking about an hour, and creating an entirely natural product - the process was first discovered after strands of stone were found near active volcanoes.