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For example, the melody of a simple Korean prayer in the center of the composition is answered by a more powerful Western statement of the same melodic theme.
Each statement of the melodic theme is separated from the next by a dense harmonic idea which serves to interrupt the forward motion of the melodic and rhythmic flow.
The song is designed to transition into a sunnier-sounding interlude that picks up melodic themes from the previous track.
Many pieces resemble the type of improvisations students might create themselves, with short melodic themes to be enjoyed and finished without always developing in the traditional sense.
Two melodic themes were repeated eight times over 340 bars.
Melancholy melodic themes are delivered in voices dripping in saudade, and that longing emotion brings back to life the moving stories Amalia once sang.
Following a minimalist arpeggio quasi-dominant preparation called the Moonlight Sonata Passage, the section includes most of the work's melodic themes, often over drone pitches of G, B, or D.
Most of the melodic themes appear in the Romantic Chord section and its reprise in the second half of the Elysian Fields section.
Mark's musical arrangements have set the melodic themes for audiences listening to everything from 100-piece orchestras written into the scores for a range of projects from independent foreign films to an array of TV commercials.
And then at a certain point some lyrical themes will start coming through, some melodic themes, and then gradually the whole thing unveils itself before me.
That this should bring in values other than the "old-fashioned" ones of sustained melodic themes, structure and orchestral harmony that Gereben finds so lacking - that we should instead need to listen for instrumental colors, drama, ritual and even conducted silence - is a sign that our ears are being stretched and that concert music is still a growing, vital art.
cartoons, while on the other also write big melodic themes that relate to story and character.
Melodic themes rise out of the ocean, then sink back into silence, trumpeter Arve Henriksen inscribing frosty squiggles, conversing with Ballamy's peat-gas emissions.