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Her tribute to Millay's "Mother" in the final movement of Letters from Edna outlines a soaring motive in the piano right hand to set the mood, and she uses similar melodic phrases to assist the coda.
In fact, upon analyzing my field-recordings I realized that, even though the melody played is not fixed and invariable, the kentangan kettles reiterate a sequence of various melodic phrases with a certain regularity.
Example 11 shows how the higher gender panerus has a yet denser part corresponding to the same melodic phrase.
Item 22 is the final melodic phrase of the song, a further and more intense succession of minor seconds that ends with B-C, Item 23, exactly the first two notes of the entire melody, a Porter-like gesture.
Many singers are plagued by tongue and jaw tension, so singing on one vowel enables them to monitor more easily the tongue and jaw throughout a melodic phrase.
The scene of the text is reminiscent of Hugo Wolf's "Geh, Geliebter, geh jetzt," and one melodic phrase reminds one suddenly of Duke's own "Luke Havergal" The running eighth notes over a syncopated bass line in the piano reflect both the passage of time and the anxiousness of the lovers at the approach of dawn.
The second stanza, with its different accompaniment pattern, uses fragments of the original melodic phrase in augmentation to suggest the great space "Below the stars" and "beyond the moon.
However, depending upon the style performed, melodic improvisation may take the form of melismas or "runs," melodic alterations of the melody, or a humming or moaning of an improvised melodic phrase.
general movement of melodic phrases of a raga, and as can be observed in the modern ghazal singing style, the ability to switch ragas for dramatic impact on rare occasions within one ghazal.
First, melodic phrases and sub-phrases were accommodated to caesuras in the text as part of the process of furnishing melodies for nonscriptural texts.
The regular metric pulse is made dynamic by irregular divisions of simultaneously occurring melodic phrases.
Using recursive patterns, short melodic phrases could be expanded into longer ones.
Her melodic phrases ranged from wistful contemplation to flights of nervous energy with stratospheric high notes, notably on the word "deceive" where her roulettes became hyperactive.
He loops rhythms by tapping the guitar, adds bass lines and melodic phrases and we build from there.
There are also examples of melodic phrases and licks used by famous jazz-rock keyboardists such as Donald Fagen, Joe Zawinal, Jeff Lorder, Bruce Hornsby and others.