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In effect, the melodic phrases (the longer melodic units) are generated by the use of the reciting tones along with short melodic motives or formulas.
Each maqam--composed of a specific set of prominent notes, typical melodic phrases, and specific boundaries--traditionally invokes a particular mood for Arab audiences.
The melodic phrases, as well as their structural function noted above, also perform a function in shaping the performance of the lyrics, and this also helps to build familiarity with a piece.
We use primary and dominant sevenths chords to compose melodic phrases to enhance creativity and foster musical ideas.
The flute segments often began with staccato snatches, developing into melodic phrases.
15) So when we see the melodic phrases corresponding with the latter dialect in the Dublin and Fleury plays mentioned, it is clear that the transmission of the dramas transcended geographical boundaries and liturgical propriety, betraying dissemination by the "wandering scholars" whose notoriety was not always deserved.
20): (1) "Long melodic phrases with a major-minor tonality .
And instead of his usual choices of clever lyrics and melodic phrases from Cole Porter and the Gershwins, Beethoven and Fritz Kreisler, there was the thump of percussive sounds credited to "Various.
Hornby's melodic analysis focuses on the underlying functions of the constituent melodic phrases, seeking to determine the constructional principles of the genre.
With his compact, syncopated backup chords and clean, spare, melodic phrases, Cole emphasized the piano as a solo, rather than a rhythm instrument in his jazz arrangements.
He could not sustain or illuminate the longer melodic phrases in Liszt's B-minor Ballade or in the concert etude ``Un Sospiro.
They can be led to sing or play musical dialogues, imitating rhythmic and melodic phrases that are delivered to them or devising answers to musical questions.
Once again, smooth and sensuous melodic phrases were lightly coaxed to the fore by Janowski to delicious effect.
Instead, the melodic phrases owe their unity and continuity to the juxtaposition of short segments with obvious motivic connections.