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Because of the many vocal leaps, there is not a feeling of smooth, lyrical flow in the melodic line, but rather, we hear long, undulating (or flat) passages of reciting tones followed by leaps to other reciting tones.
The melodic line used certain rhythmic figures later to be found in the Gloria in Excelsis of Setting One.
Her singing style incorporates much modification to the original rhythms and melodic line, all executed in a most musicianly manner.
Instead of the symphonic work Ellison envisioned, Callahan has given us a single, tentatively rendered melodic line.
A descant is an independent melodic line usually sung by sopranos.
1939 has something of the quality of a piece of music in which the melodic line is playfully varied but the underlying theme is rigid and unchanging.
She experiments with metric patterns and achieves a melodic line.
It is not unlike, but more complex than, following the flute's melodic line in the midst of a symphony.
In particular, CANON requires thatthe composer specify three parameters before running the program: int, the interval of imitation, del, the delay in starting time for the second melodic line, and num, the number of notes in each line.
Apple Street" expands to a melodic line with notes on the D and A strings.
It wasn't something planned, this melodic line, it just happened: This idea of having a pop element, a pop melody, but of course we do it in our own way, improvising [rather than] playing songs.
His voice can switch from tremulous to towering, soaring and monumental in one melodic line.
Thirty years on, it is not the technical ability, which we now take for granted, that defines Midori''s playing, but her own wholly personalised, yet perfectly formed, dynamic range, ideal for picking out the detail in this sensuous but delicate liaison between the violin and an orchestra determined not to trample on the often highwinging melodic line.
The development of the basic theme and the secondary lyrical idea has the necessarily emotional pull and very clearly articulated urgency, and it is very rare for Kahanek to allow the otherwise marvellous performance effects (from the brilliant sequence of pianissimo to the demonically fast semi-quaver figures in the transition into the second theme) to "drown" the melodic line.
The work is based on a melodic line, a series of harmonies and a specific theme using cantus firmus and talea (composing techniques).