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However, while the melodic line and harmonies are closely interwoven, as in Delius's works, Orr's melodic line will not always in itself give evidence of his novel harmonic progressions.
Heise's melodic lines are lyrical and gently artful, but are rarely "folksy.
I look at music now and I can pick up the melodic line.
The vocal line features ascending sevenths at the beginning and descending seconds later on the words "wake up," along with a smooth melodic line that reflects the poet's gentle entreaty.
All four players - yes, even Faulkner - manage to provide for the listener a strong melodic line going through all they do, no matter how complex the harmonies get or how exuberant their improvisations.
If contact lens wearers are already wincing, then persevere: the music translates that story into the ideas of fragmentation and flowing: "There is a section where there is one melodic line which sounds as if it is being repeated," notes Mark.
There is a wide-ranging nocturne/ barcarolle section with a soaring melodic line in octaves accompanied by a rolling left-hand arpeggiation in widely spaced intervals (mm.
Away from the melodic line, everything in these sparse recipes risks sounding like a rodeo ho-down.
In the Deerskin Dance, the Brush Dance, and the Kick Dance, for example, there is a melodic line over a bass ostinato.
In looking for alternative solo pieces, I chose two of approximately the same technical requirements, also with sixteenth notes, and a tossing of the melodic line between the hands.
At best, when the concerto veers away from gymnastics and just sings out a fine melodic line, the effect is ravishing.
His textures are generally open leaving ample room for clarity of melodic line.
Close your eyes, and you're listening to a mature maestro, blending phrases, adding wit and lyricism to the melodic line, and giving the entire opus a highly defined structure.